RF aerial to RCA connectors?

16 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
My Samsung LCD TV has a dodgy aerial connector, the picture looks "psychedelic" until the connector warms up. After that the picture is perfect. Maybe a dry joint?

The TV has plenty of other input connections round the back of the TV (HDMI, PC connections etc.). Maybe I can use those...
Are there any cable converters on the market that enable me to convert an RF aerial input to RCA connectors, say?
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It's more than just the plug/adapter. The RF signal is something completely different to the type of signal you'd connect to any of the other AV sockets. Yes, you can get any manner of adapters but it won't change the characteristics of the signal any more than eating a McDonalds in a Michelin restaurant makes it gourmet steak.

Get the aerial socket/dry joint fixed. Job done.
I am sure you can get Freeview and FreeSat set top boxes that will convert the RF signal into SCART, HDMI, or other but that means your not using the TV's own tuner and you would need two remote controls.

I don't use the RF input on my living room TV I use a Sky+ box to receive the signal.

But there is no way without using a set top box of some type to watch TV without using the RF input.
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Get the aerial socket/dry joint fixed. Job done.

Any idea how much this might cost? It might cost more than a new TV!
The TV is out of warranty (15 months old).

Looking on the web, some TVs have the coaxial socket attached to the tuner. So if a new tuner is required, the repair would be more complex.
Unless we are talking about a small portable TV then the repair is unlikely to be more than the cost of a new TV. Quite how much it will cost depends on whether you take it to a top price repairer such as a PC World/Currys or a small independent from the classifieds in the local paper. It also depends whether it's a simple solder joint that was easy to diagnose or if it's more complex.

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