Risco Vitron Glass Break Detector on Scantronics 9752

16 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Good Morning all,

I'm a home DIY alarm installer (ie not a professional!) and am replacing my current scantronics 9448+ with a 9752 unit.

As part of the upgrade i am also installing two Risco Vitron Glass Break Detectors.

My questions (hopefully simple ones) are:

1) Is the Glass Break Detector the same as a Shock Analyzer when it comes to alarms or are they completely different?

2) if they are the same, is there specific zones that they must be wired into? or can it be wired as any zone on the CP? (The manual states that you can only specify zones 1-4 as Shock Analyzer)

3) I assume the detector can be wired up in FSL as if any other sensor (tamper with resistors)

4 )On the cp, I'm looking to take a 12V feed when the alarm is triggered - can i take this from the plug-by communicator or does it not give a 12v output in alarm condition?/ the alternative would be to take it from the bell connection.

I look forward to your assistance!
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1: The shock analyser function is for old style inertia vibration detectors (basically a ball bearing between two contacts), so your glass break detectors are completely different. The Vitron wires the same as any other powered detector.

2: You can wire them to any zone. I'd definitely recommend connecting them to their own zones if you have enough capacity. It keeps things simple if you get any problems with them in the future.

3: Yep. As above, it is connected in the same way as, say, a PIR or dual tech.

4: The plug by comms outputs will give you a 12 volt output on activation of their respective and programmed events (output 3 on the plug by harness comes pre programmed as the "intruder" output), however, they are only designed for switching very low currents. You could drive an LED from them but not much else. There are however three programmable outputs with hardwire terminals on the board, labeled OP1, OP2, OP3. These are designed to switch higher current loads and can be programmed to suit your requirements. The manual will explain further.

Good luck!
thanks scott1980!

I got the sensors today and looked like a normal pir style connection which you kindly confirmed!

Also re zones- ive had problems with false alarms in the past so when i wired my current 9448 i split as much as possible.

Had a change of room use recently and now need to change what is covered by part set to window contacts and decided i may as well spread sensors out, to the extent of going from 6 zones plus ee to 24 :)

Should be enough for now plus can add a further extender if need be...

And re the 12 comms- i will be installing a speach dialer and also looking to made a device called phantom link which effectivly sends out an email when being triggered. All it needs is 12v applied for it to do its business and its this that im looking for the source!!!

You have been a great help! Now to wait for the panel to arrive so i can wire it up!

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