roofer has not strengthened slate roof for tiles

8 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom

My roofer has put tiles on instead of slates. There was no mention that the roof needed strengthening. I have determined that myself by reading about it. It doesn't seem like a too major thing for him to have to do at this stage but I anticipate resistance and dare I say some bull etc. He has not been paid yet. My question is as he never thought of it what should I now do to ensure that whatever he does or suggests is adequate?
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Some roofs require strengthening, some don't. How do you know that yours does? Can we have some pictures pls?
I obviously don't know for sure that it needs strengthening however having read about it Im surprised that it did not. I would have expected it to be considered and then stated that it was not required. Photo:
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We would need a picture of inside your loft to look at the timbers.

It's a shame that that roof has been changed to tiles, I hope they aren't roman style ones as they really spoil the look of the building in my view.
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I should say that the slates were sliding off, there was a big hole at the back with water poring in and water was coming in at the front as well. The roofer (who did seem knowledgable) was going to repair and go all over the roof to make it secure for the next couple of years or so. However he rang up when he started the work to say the nails were rotten, the slates were all sliding off, it was a big mess and I needed a new roof. He then sent a video of this now enormous hole in the roof as he'd taken 60 slates off! Hence the tiles. I aim to rent out rooms so I kept telling myself that Im not renovating the house into a home so I should not worry about it too much but I do feel a bit sick about it all tbh. I feel in hindsight that I was bamboozled into it. I'll go get a photo of the inside
Why should a home be of a lessor standard just because it is rented? Or are tenants less important individuals than owners?
I am not a property developer so lay off. Things moved extremely quickly. I thought this forum offered helped to people.
You need to find something worthwhile to do with your life freddymercurystwin. I will leave you to it.
What makes you think a roof tiler has knowledge of roof building? Is he a structural surveyor too?
Exactly the reason roofers should not change from slate to tile without checking.
If the roofer presents it as an option then the customer will assume the roofer knows what he's talking about. If whilst training roofers do not get taught about important things that need to be considered if using roofing material that is different to what is already there (and the timber structure was designed for) then that is surprising. Anyhow I've had a chat with him and he is confident that there isn't a problem but has suggested how I can check and is happy for me to do so.
If your roofer is happy to give a guarantee and is happy for any checks to be carried out, that's good.

Unfortunately the roofing trade is full of people claiming to be roofers, just because they've laid a few tiles or completed the odd re-roof.

Hell, there's a few on here who claim just that and don't even know the correct fitting procedures for plain interlocking tiles, which is basic stuff, astonishing but true.
A small mistake.
I meant interlocking, moderns to be exact.
Thanks for correcting me, much appreciated.

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