Salamander ESP 100 CPV Expansion vessel issue

23 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Wondering if someone could help me with my pain in the arse Salamander shower pump... A couple of months ago one of the flexible inlet adapters sprung a leak and I decided (maybe incorrectly) that I could fix it myself. I have replaced the part and fixed the leak but in the process the pump seems to have decided it is now positive pressure rather than negative, and it will no longer turn on automatically when the shower faucet is turned on...

I now suspect the expansion vessel to be the issue. I have noticed the tiny black pipe that connects the expansion vessel to the pump itself leaks a bit, I pumped the expansion vessel back up after my initial fix and the shower kind of worked but has got worse over time. Does anyone have experience with this, and if so does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement nut/fitting for the expansion vessel to replace the leaky one/a whole new vessel with fitting included? Photos attached below.



Thanks in advance!


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Hopefully you used the correct procedure to check and refill the EV - isolated and disconnected the pump from the water supply, checked the EV pressure and then if needed pumped the vessel up to the rated pressure and then re-connected.

If the supply pipe to the vessel is leaking then yes that will affect the pump operation as there will no longer be a pressure drop when the tap is opened creating a movement across the reed switch. That and I would be tempted to service the pump and clean the filter(s) and switch(es).
Is the servicing of one of these pumps a specialist job, and if so how can i find someone to do it?
Not necessarily, depends on how familiar you are with stripping the pump components down. You only need to strip down the inlets and outlets - filter - flow switch and see if they need cleaned. You will also need to find out what seals are leaking and replace them. Service kits for these pumps aren't cheap though.
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If I could source that connector that screws onto the EV and the attached supply piping that runs to the reed switch that would be the best start I feel, but I suppose getting hold of that individual part would be a nightmare...

Can you suggest a service kit? Thanks for you help by the way, really appreciated

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