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25 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi Can anyone help i have 2 salus rt500rf one for the up stairs heating and one for the down stairs heating.
Now I do not know what happened but they do not seem to working properly, the down stairs one sends the signal but the receiver does not responds.
the up stairs one sends the signal the green light comes on but the heating does not any suggestions.
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The instructions are here what you have is a shared frequency for the signals between base and thermostat, and some filters that can be set so the base only acts on signals intended for it to use. I have not used this thermostat, however I have had problems with wireless thermostats, the old Honeywell one had a fail safe built in, so if no signal received every ½ hour it auto closed down, and the signal was repeated, every so often, so if some thing did block the signal, it would send it a second time.

The cheaper programmable thermostat I bought however did not have the fail safe system built in, and the heating could both stick on or off if the receiver missed the command sent, turning heat up/down or down/up forcing a second signal to be sent would correct the fault, but clearly not a very good situation.

My cure was to have two wall thermostats in parallel, and use TRV's to stop rooms over heating, and when I moved house I made very sure the thermostat is hard wired, even if not in the best place.

With the Horstmann HRFS1 I had it was clearly faulty, gradually it had to be moved closer and closer to the receiver to work, however it was the lack of fail safe which was the real problem, we had it free standing to start with, and likely mother had knocked it off the table a few times, had it stopped working I would have simply replaced, but it never stopped, just the RF link got weaker and weaker.

With my Nest gen 3, although I have it hard wired, it can be used wireless, however pressing the centre of the heat link (bit hard wired to boiler) will switch on heating directly, so I can turn on heating even if thermostat fails. I think the idea of an over ride is good, today the TRV stops over heating so no good reason not to have manual over ride.
if you have two in the same house you need to change the address codes on them or they will counter each other, it is simple to do it is just little sliders on the back of each thermostat and receiver , you just change them but the thermostat and receiver have to be the same, then the other thermostat and receiver make them a diffent sequence tells you how to do it in the manual , is a 10min job
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Assuming that they were both working correctly at some point, it appears You may have more that one fault. So starting with the upstairs Salus. There seems to be a communication failure. If the red light on the receiver is 'on' then there is power at the receiver, but it is not picking up the signal from the thermostat. If it was you will hear a click when the thermostat calls for heat and the green light should come on. [Note: The two devices only communicate periodically so there maybe a delay of several minutes before the receiver responds]

You can try a reset, by following the instructions below to the letter, it is important that you do not miss any part.

1. Turn off the mains supply to the receiver, which means the mains supply, not just the slider switch on the front.
2. Remove the batteries from the thermostat, wait 30 seconds and replace them, then press the reset button (This will delete your programmed settings though)
3. Power up the receiver with the slider switch in the off position.
4. At the thermostat, press both the 'up' and 'down' arrow keys at the right side of the display simultaneously and keep them pressed until the display goes off.
5. Return to the receiver and switch the slider control to on.
6. Wait about 30 seconds.
7. Press any one of the 3 buttons on the thermostat.
8. Set the thermostat to switch the heating on and the flame symbol appears again. has the heating switched on now? If not you can by-pass the receiver as a temporary measure see * below

The downstairs Salus thermostat seems to be calling for heat and the receiver switches 'on' but the boiler doesn't start, so the fault may not be with the Salus. If you are reasonably electrically competent there is a simple way to by-pass the Salus and find out.

*Isolate the power and open up the receiver. Without moving any of the existing wires add a wire loop between the NO and COM terminals so that they are electrically joined together, close the receiver and restore power. The heating should come on now, but you won't have any thermostatic control. If the heating doesn't come on there is a fault that is not related to the Salus.

It is possible for two Salus thermostats to have the same RF settings and interfere with each other, however this would always have been the case and not suddenly appeared.

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