sealing a shower screen around a bath

4 Feb 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a normal sort of bath which has a slight lip and inclines down into the bath. I have fitted a Daryl shower screen which has a large glass swinging aperture. When my wife ordered it she speced it so the door open out away from the bath. This obviously means it has to overcome the slight lip to open.

I now have a slight leak when the shower is on under the fixed part of the screen. I realise that this is in part due to the unorthodox way it is fitted but alas my remit is to cure the leak. Transparent silicone albeit quite a cheap one hasn't done it so I'm looking for something that is transparent, strong and flexible that will allow a couple of mm movement. Some kind of tape seems the ideal answer but is there such a thing? When it was installed I put silicone under the screen but may have been a bit conservative with it..

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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from the glass screens i've fitted i believe that "opening out away from the bath" is not really on. they are made for the occasional opening only.

i think in terms of a sealant again this is not really going to have the life needed - the action of opening is continually wearing the seal surface.

the only thing i can think of is to fix a piece of plastic on the inside of the screen to produce a drip edge (same idea as a window sill protecting brickwork) so that water running down the face is forced to drip further inside the bath. It would need to be positioned above the bottom edge of the screen so it would not catch the bath on opening.
I recently had to reseal my parents shower screen for pretty much the same reason. It seems inevitable that it will leak again, and the edge of the bath forces the screen to move the braket near the wall, thus damaging the seal.

I've recommended they get a shower curtain, and one of the following guards to go near the area that will leak:

US sites (sorry):

Or a similar one here:
looks spot on wobs (have banked uk web page for future use)

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A similar thing happened with our screen door, but quite some time ago. We went back to where we had purchased the door and they gave us the details of the manufacturer of the door, who in turn gave us the manufacturer of the rubber seal. They happened to be located not a great distance from us. We contacted them, ordered the stuff and went to collect a good supply.
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