Sealing WHB Waste

29 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
Fitted new whb and cannot seem to get a good seal between the plastic trap (with rubber seal) and threaded end of the chrome waste from the whb.

Should I supplement the rubber seal with some silicone or some other compound/method?
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are you talking about the trap joining onto the drainer, if you are then try p.t.f.e tape , make sure you wrap it around the rubber seal and continue to wrap onto the threaded part of the drainer.
A decent waste trap(McAlpine) will always seal on the threads of the waste. It is either a cheap trap or has been cross-threaded?
Thanks for the replies guys,

The trap is a McAlpine bottle trap, but as I said can't get a seal on it.
I have dismantled and re- done 6 or 7 times and on each occasion tightening a little more. The rubber seal seems to be seating onto the chrome grating/waste and the threading of the coupler is ok.

I don't want to tighten any further as it may give altogether. Hence I had come to the conclusion it may need something to supplement the rubber seal.

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Look VERY carefully at the trap where the washer sits. Sometimes there is a parting line left by the moulding process. Carefully scrape this line flush. You often find the same problem on the larger O ring seal on the lower part of the trap.

Alternatively are you sure the water isn't running down the threads from the waste grating/basin seal. I have always used a basin mate seal with a brass back flange nut.
Check to see if it's doing this. Coloured tissue paper is good (70's purple loo paper is great :LOL: )

If so, apply silicone in the obvious place or use a rather ugly Basin Mate in place of the hatched washer:
Found the problem, a pin hole in the (new) chrome waste casting! The pin hole is in line with the top of the plastic coupler hence giving the appearance that the leak was coming from the joint.

One very unhappy customer will be taking chrome waste back to supplier tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies/advice, much appreciated.

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