Seeking reassurance this isn't subsidence

2 May 2024
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United Kingdom

We bought a flat and the lender did a physical survey and approved with no problems. The area we have bought in seems to have a general moderate to high risk of subsidence, I've noticed the extension has several cracks in the plaster work, hoping it's not a major issue, particularly as the insurance seems to cover subsidence work in any case. Wondered if anyone who knew more about subsidence could advise, we are on the basement level but it is more like ground.

Read online that it could be superficial and people seem to think it's just failed render as the cracks do not follow the bricks.

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It's not indicative of foundation movement, but that's not to say that is not related to structural cracking if the wall.
Thanks, is subsidence only when the foundations move then? If it is structural cracking what are our options? This is an extension so could it be settlement cracks on the plaster and nothing more sinister?

We got a massive mortgage on this flat and the in person surveyor that the bank appointed never mentioned any issues.
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It's share of freehold and we own the flat so no landlord. I'm hoping there is no need to even claim on insurance as a lot of people I've spoken to suggest this is just plaster cracking due to settlement and temperature changes. I'll get my builder to assess
The render needs to come off to see what's going on behind. It may be something to do with that parapet and water getting behind the render. There does not like like there is a very good or any drip on those coping stones.
Thanks, I'll look into it. Not sure if relevant but on the other side of the wall is the extractor fan and hobs and that's where the majority of cracks are. Not sure if that indicates more temperature issue than subsidence

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