29 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
Can anyone please shed any light on a problem we have had for the last month or so with our Servis M6135 washing machine?

At the end of a normal wash cycle, clothes are still very wet but I had been getting by then doing a “pump/spin” with a half load which seemed to work most of the time. The machine then seemed to right itself for about four washes when doing a normal wash cycle but now we have wet clothes again. Also I don't think that the machine is rinsing as when wringing out the wet clothes the water is pretty dirty.

When doing the “pump/spin” only cycle the pump is clearly working but the drum just rotates back and forth for around 10 minutes then the cycle ends. We have checked the filter and carbon brushes, which are OK. I don’t know for sure how old the machine is, but my guess is it's around 5-6 years.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated - Whether it's easy to fix, worth getting in a service engineer or buy a new machine? Thank you. Jan
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I once had a tiddly-wink stuck in the drain hose of our old Hoover that produced these symptoms exactly. Sometimes it lay flat and the machine spun fine. Other times it got wedged at right angles to the flow in the serrations of the hose. This meant the machine couldn't pump out enough water in the time allotted for the spin to kick in. Same thing happened again a couple of years later with a 20p piece. God knows how they got through the pump.
It's a simple one to check: remove hose and poke through with a 8' bamboo cane.
Thanks for the tip. We have taken the drain hose off which is completely clear and each side of pump and filter is also clear. There is no water in the machine but it won't take in any water at all, whether starting a rinse cycle or on a normal wash cycle - The drum just rotates back and forth.

Any suggestions why no water coming in??
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Thank you - Machine definitely thinks there is water in it, but strangely it won't take in either hot or cold water. Even when selecting a 90 degree wash, no hot water coming in. Do both valves need to be working? Or could both valves be faulty - Is there an easy test? Thanks.
We think we have a faulty pressure switch as there is no continuity across any of the three connectors. Can anyone suggest where we can get a replacement?

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