Shower pump stopped working, probably after running dry?

25 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
We have a Stuart Turner 3 bar twin pump which feeds our shower/bath combination (one thermostatic valve feeds both shower and bath) which has stopped working.

Occasionally, the pump has kept running when the bath/shower tap is turned off. Switching the tap on/off again once or twice has always addressed this. However, a friend used the bath when we weren't home and the pump kept running when he turned the tap off. He didn't know about trying the tap again, so the pump kept on running, presumably until the pump shut itself down. The pump has not worked since.

I have gained access to the pump and I can hear a switch and slight electrical hum when the tap is turned on. I can hear a switch when the tap turns off.

Any suggestions as what this points to? Something repairable or terminal failure?

If it helps, there has always been one other minor symptom since the pump was installed - after using it, other taps (bathroom basin, kitchen sink) would sometimes splutter a bit, so I guess the pump draws air into the water system?

The setup -
The pump and bathroom installation is 2 years old. The pump sits underneath the shower/bath taps. The water and heating system is a conventional open vented heating system, combi boiler, cold water tank in loft, hot water tank in cupboard next to the bathroom. I'm not sure if the pipes from the hot water tank to the pump run under the floor or up and over the ceiling.

Thanks a lot,
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On the top of the pump it says, "motor fitted with auto resetting thermotrip". If the pump was running but not drawing water, shouldn't this have eventually tripped to prevent serious damage.

There is apparently a 5A fuse inside the pump - would this only blow if there was some sort of electrical fault?


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