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12 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone,

I am in need of some advice about my existing shower pump.

I have a multi function steam shower that is supported by a Salamander CT75 Twin pump. The pump is sited close to the shower but below the shower head. Effectively water is fed from the tank located in the loft down through the pump and pumped back up to the shower head.

My problem is the that the pumping action is intermittent as though there is an air lock in the system. This causes a drop in pressure and impacts the strength of the water flow through the shower. This morning it appears that the pressure to to the overhead shower has dropped so low that the water flow Has reduced to a trickle, indeed the pump did not kick in when operating the shower. I would say that when I switched it to alternative shower head the the pump did start running but again the pressure was intermittent resulting variable water flow strengths.

Anyone got any thoughts in what the problem is? I am thinking replacement pump.


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Have you always had this issue?

How's the pump fed from the hot water tank/cold tank? Can you post a photo of the hot tank?

There should be air bleed valves in the pipes coming from the pump, maybe in the loft, alternatively I'm told that holding the shower head and flicking it down towards the ground can clear locks.
Good afternoon,

with the steam type shower pods, they tend to be quite restrictive and dont allow enough natural flow to initiate the pump or can cause the flow switch to lift and drop causing the pulsing. Usually we would recommend a negative head pump for that type of unit. It may be worhwhile considering a negative pump or converting your pump to a negative head pump.


Many thanks for your advice. Clearly I will need to replace or reconfigure my existing pump to cure the problem.

Once again many thanks.

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By the way can you recommend a suitable pump or advise on how to convert my existing pump.

Many thanks

I cant really be seen to be advertising but a 3 bar negative head pump would be ideal in your situation. A quick google search of my name minus the first two letters and negative head pumps should sort you out ;)

Just one point to mention is that the negative head pumps are not a direct replacement to your CT as they need to be supplied in 22mm pipe and through a flange on the hot water cylinder.


Thank you for the advice.

The only issue is that the pump is not located in the hot water cylinder cupboard. It us located near the shower. A separate cold water feed has been tanken from the cild water storage tank and the hot feed was pick up from the bathroom. Does this create a problem with the flange?

it would do yes,

the pumps would need to have their own dedicated feeds from the cold tank, which you have and the hot water cylinder, which you have not.

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