Shower Tray and Waste

27 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi Lads

Can I fit a shower tray direct onto solid floor boards after I cut hole for waste and use a layer of mortar to bed it? should the tray push flush into the corner against wall and tile down to it...and around it.

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Great, how thick mortar, planning to not tile floor after just walls for access. What's standard pipe waste size 40mm?
I used about a 10mm mortar bed, allow enough to ooze out as you level the tray. Waste needs to be minimum 40mm, if its concealed then use solvent weld pipe and fittings, (will never leak if done properly!), but please make sure it is accessible for future maintenance, to remove accumulated soap, hair, etc. Last thing you want to be doing in future is ripping holes in the ceiling below to access a blocked waste....
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Thanks for that, the pipe is already under the floorboards from older shower, its a bungalow so down is below house level and to foundations, my idea was to tray on top of boards (10mm cement) after I lift some up at other end to be able to fit waste after, then lino the floor, so if needs be its easy to take up as oppose to tiles I had previously...does that sound ok? There will be no other way to get to waste unless I crawl under floor from access from another room if I don't want to disturb the lino after.

When you say 40mm minimum is that the pipe waste drop or pipe thickness for faster water way.
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Really appreciate advice lads, can I just prod your brains a bit further?

  1. If the bottom row of tiles are off the wall, do I push tray right up to wall and replace bottom row of tiles after (working around the tray), or is it better to put bottom row of tiles back on before tray and push tray up to the tiles instead?
  2. I intend to use 10mm of cement mix direct onto floorboards for the tray, if I was to use laminate flooring for floor finish should I put laminate down where tray is going first then cement the laminate and fit the tray on top with waste drilled thru both laminate and floorboard?
  3. Should I ask for a shower trap with removable insert when I order kit, if so what size (is this dependent on tray waste size). Will shower trap slow water away, I already don't have a big sloping waste pipe underneath because its a bungalow.

Really thanks again, these points will put me right.

1. Fit the tray then tile

2. Fit tray first then laminate second

3. Get a fast flow waste to suit the tray - it will have a removable insert as standard.
Great and to the point

1. Fit the tray then tile
ok, tray fitted then finish tiles around and down on top of tray.

2. Fit tray first then laminate second
ok, so tray fitted and laminate around tray not under.

3. Get a fast flow waste to suit the tray - it will have a removable insert as standard.
ok, ask for fast flow and removable insert should stop blocks in pipe underneath.

Is that a YES to all 3 above, sos for repeating but want to get it right in my head as I cant get hold of a good plumber.
Thanks denso13 and thanks to all you have helped me figure this out in my head to proceed on my own, cheers lads :)
Lads, dunno if post still active, just want to check as Im fitting tonight, all wall tiles are already fitted so the enclosure will be flush against tiles screw thru to secure, the bottom row tiles are off because we had a damp issue, so if I push the tray right into the wall corner will that not be a problem when the enclosure sits on top of tray, will it be out? should the bottom row of tiles be on first due all the other tiles already fixed. Then the enclosure will align on top of tray...cheers
Check the fitting instructions that come with your shower screen for dimensions, online if screen not to hand.

Most, if not all, have a tolerance because they know that the tray will be fitted to, and sometimes into, the wall and then the tiles added.

Tray first then tile.

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