Shower tray fitting advice sought

I have lots of info on regs so will check this out carefully (re: joists). Thanks all for mentioning the regs though.
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Height of joist divided by 8
Position along joist is 7L divided by 100 ( Thats from the edge of the joist )
And no further along than length divided by 4
8 inch joist is 200mm deep, largest hole should be 25mm. You also can't have the hole too close to its bearing, or too far away either. :D
work it out properly 0.125 x 200=25mm that is a notch not a hole
0.25 x 200=50mm thats a hole in the centre line of joist

someones told you wrong in your case 25mm and what about the noting out don't leave you anything.

would you like a copy from the regs book.
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Oh t*ts :oops:
Seco my deepest most humblest apologies......... I think I mentioned earlier about getting shot down in flames, and I think I just did !!!

Of course the hole size is a quarter of its height, from the centre of the joist.....

Once again.......... sorry :oops: :oops: :oops:
you got me worried then i had to get me book out.

Same as !! Was trying to remember, as I don't generally go through joists with waste sized pipe, and got me figures ar*e about face, sort of :oops:
crockett how do you manage to do wet room floors or is that something else you do not normally undertake
ooooooohh Larry!!

If you read my thread, I said I don't NORMALLY go through joists. Didn't say I don't EVER go through joists. And when I do, I personally like to add some extra bracing to the joists I have drilled through, even tho it is within regs.

I don't undertake much wetroom work anyway, but thats by the by. People have trays fitted flush to the floor, as in this thread, and are increasingly putting laundry rooms on upper floors, which require floor drains, so, as I suspect you are getting at, I DO have some idea about it, but thanks for your concern. :LOL: :LOL:
gremlin 16 did i mention 40 mm pipe you could have adressed the problem rather than sideswipe at me

Whether you did or did not mention 40mm, McAlpine shower traps are 40mm.

Are you suggesting using 32mm waste pipe.
If you are ,will it maintain the minimum required flow rate of 24 litres per minute as required by regulations?

As for adressing the problem that an easy one.
Use 40mm and read the regs.
Anyway, will be fitting today - will post pics soon!

Ps. Is expensive shower. Tray and glass and frame = £2,700!
The notches were already there from the old waster pipes - I just took advantage of them. For the basin I did two new holes.

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