sky magic eye doent work via wall aerial sockets

20 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, I m desperate and very frustrated with this.
Moved in to new house recently, every room has aerial sockets and master and bedroom2 have extra sockets on high up the wall I assume these 2 were put by the previous owner for wall mounting TVs. In the lounge where sky + HD, and my sat receiver are, here on the wall 2 aerial sockets and sat socket.
In the loft amplifier (signal booster) which has 4 outputs going to the rooms I guess. In put is loft aerial. Freeview works fine in master and bed 2 via 2 additional aerial sockets.
Right my plan was, run a cable via outside from sky HD RF 2 out to the loft and unplug the existing aerial input from the amplifier plug the sky hd cable and thought was get sky signals in the rooms unfortunately magic eye don work in the rooms.
I tried magic eye direct with the cable and also via new amplifier which is compatible with sky HD, magic eye works fine, so problem is I think between the amplifier and wall aerial sockets. I checked to see if the sockets isolated but not sure the answer but behind the one socket that I opened there are 2 coaxial cables connected and I also undo them and connected to magic eye separately still nothing.
Rf2 out power is on signal after the amplifier but nothing in the rooms. There are so many cables in the loft I am so confused. Buy I am trying every cable special the ones marked with each rooms. Please I really need your help and look forward to your advises
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I think you will find that your wall outlets are of the isolated type.
These prevent the 9v DC passing back to the amp.

Try a cheap 99p faceplace from wilko's and you should get a result
I checked to see if the sockets isolated but not sure the answer but behind the one socket that I opened there are 2 coaxial cables connected and I also undo them and connected to magic eye separately still nothing.

Ahh just reread this :oops:
No i'm not sure. Just make sure that there are absolutely no shorts between the inner and outer conductors of the cable.
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Make and model of amp ?

Has the power for RF2 been set on in the HD box installers menu ?

(I use Virgin HD, that has RF2 disabled- might Sky HD be the same ?)
I had same problem had to remove the de-coupling capacitors in wall sockets.
When you fit an outside aerial wind and atmospheric conditions can send high voltages down the coax. Since these are DC fitting capacitors in the aerial socket will in the main stop the problem.
I found to buy simple sockets without these near impossible and I had to solder links to short them out.
Hi again, thx for quick responds, i have rf2 our power on, which cable goes to the amplifier /Global F140 Sky compatible magic eye amplifier sky, HD
magic eye works via this amplifier ( rf2 out to amplifier to magic eye fine but amplifier to bedrooms from than magic eye doesnt work.
Ericmark thank you for your reply too but sorry mate i have no idea about de-coupling capacitors, i have looked at behind the one off the wall sockets, there are 2 coaxial cable connected on to green plate whic is attached the socket and one serial input for this socket.
I think the problem is on these sockets or cables coming down to it but how do you check this stuff if it is the problem
many thanks all
I was caught out because the amplifier also produced the 9 volt required to light the LED on the digi-eye. So LED on digi-eye was lit but still would not work as no DC between sky box and amplifier.

I tested leads by:-
a) Ohm meter across inner and outer with nothing connected which as expected open circuit.
b) Ohm meter across inner and outer with short circuit link at other end and found still open circuit.

When I unscrewed the bits on the wall socket I found the little brown circular device which I knew was a de-coupling capacitor. I crunched it with my long nose pliers twisted ends together and put a drop of solder on ends for good look. And since then it's been OK.

So test without an amplifier in circuit even if it is special with by-pass for digi-eye and see if LED lights on digi-eye. If not likely hidden some where in a socket either end of coax there will be a capacitor.

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