Sliding gate

14 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
I'm interested in installing an electrically powered sliding gate on my drive.

It needs to be sliding because the drive is too short to allow swinging gates.

One thing that concerns me is that not being fixed with secure hinges, the gate could easily be lifted off and disappear in the night.

Any suggestions how to secure it?

Perhaps I'm just a bit paranoid.
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Dosnt the upright post have a dolly wheel on it, that sits on top of the gate.

No idea really its just how I would do it..My golf club has sliding gate, but never looked in detail.
Not possible to run along the top. Could put a 'return' low down on top of the track section I suppose.

Going to talk to the fabricator.

(Not my gate in pic btw - but along the same line)
i was at a place a couple of weeks ago they have one.

all i see is a box with a motor and a toothed wheel sticking out (cog)
The cog lines up with a "track" on the bottom of the gate.
The gate has very small wheels (more like rollers) The gate also never falls over, i have not noticed what holds it vertical, but even when not running the cog is always in contact with the bottom of the gate, that, and what ever hold it from falling over stop anyone from lifting it

but why not ask a gate supplier and see what they say.

Unusual that it is, i did see a bloke pinch a gate once. I never said anything, incase he took offence (a fence)
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that says the same as wht i said, but it doesnt say why the gate does not fall over. I bet its something so simple i missed it
I had a look at the gate at the golf club.
It has spikes on the top, so no top runner, what it has is an L shape angle welded about 1ft from the top & this runs through nylon rollers. It still looks like it could be lifted off, but I think thats the design so it can be lifted on. It would not take much to stiop it from being lifted, Im guess that as its such a big gate it will not be lifted.
As there is already a 240V Supply why not take advantage and have a tilt activated switch to fry the thieves? :evil:

But they are not deterred that easily as i have heard of stories lately of SS exhaust being stolen from cars. - I remember it took me and a mate 4 hours to fit an exhaust system once LoL and they can whip it off in no time!

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