Sliding patio door lock broken

19 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys. I have a sliding patio door on the porch which gives the only viable acces to the house. There is a multi-point lever locking mechanism operated by a black bit of metal which you push up to open/down to lock.
I'm guessing that the spindal of this black lever goes through a square collar in the door frame which is connected to the multi-point locks. Well, this 'collar' or what ever it is seems to have disintergrated and the lever moves freely without operating the locks. Question is: (sorry it's taken so long) - Can I replace the broken part of the mechanism, if so, where do i buy it from, and how do I gain access to it? (There is no access from removing the handles). Thank you.
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...Thanks John. It seems from the other posts that I would need to remover the glass in order to access the bits. Would this be correct?
If I could do the work myself, does anyone know where i might buy spares?
I would have thought you could do it from the edge the lock comes through.

someone will know.

you will have to help with brand and/or description and/or pictures
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Picture needed.

Some mechanisms you can remove from the side, some you'll have difficulties without deglazing first.
if its an aluminium door then its possable the door may have to come off,the mech unscrewed and removed by sliding it out the door?on upvc doors they tend to come off the face of the door and its usually straightforward.
do any of the handles here look familiar?
may help to identify what you have fitted
Hi All,

Newbie here, sorry for dragging this topic up but I have the exact same problem as our friend here had. Although it is at my parents house, I went round there today and i am thinking it's a GU lockable drive mechanism with P14 handles like these.

I am pretty sure the door will have to be removed, and then the mechanism unscrewed from the face of the door then slid out of the top ( or bottom)

I have manged to take some measurements of how far the locking points are and some door dimensions, I was wondering if someone would be good enough to point me in the direction of a replacement mechanism.

Basically on the frame of the sliding door there are 4 screwed in 'mushroom' type bolts that are static. there door slides into these bolts, you slide the handle down which operates the mechanism which locks the door shut then you use a regular key to lock the whole thing.

Between the centre of the lock to the centre of the tilt mechinism 100mm
Between each locking point 315mm
Door depth 30mm
Door width ( between side of the door where the locks are and glass payne 70mm)

I would like try to upload pics, ideally I would like to remove the door and remove the mechanism but my father is quite elderly and tbh isn't strong enough. My plan is to hopefully get the correct part and then get a few friends to give me a hand after work one night although this is proving difficult as they work shifts so i may get one saturday on this tops.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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