Sliding patio door nightmare

22 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom
Hello, I'm hoping that someone here may be able to help me.

I have a sliding patio door, in fact I have two sets of sliding patio doors, one of which the lock is broken.

The door has a lever lock, so when you close the door, you push the little lever down and it secures the door. There is then a euro style key lock which locks the door.

The lever works fine, but obviously I want to secure the door by locking it. Since I brought the house, I have had an issue with the lock. At first I thought I had been given the wrong key, but it turns out it is the right key. As I turn the key it gets to a certain point then won't turn any further and won't lock the door.

I thought perhaps it was a faulty lock, so I have purchased a brand new euro lock, and guess what, it still won't lock and engage.

Like I said, the key turns in the lock around 3/4 the way round, but just before it feels like the lock will engage, it just stops and won't turn any further.

Any tips/advise would be gratefully received before I have to call the locksmith out.

Thank you.
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With the door slid open will the lever go down and will the key turn fully to lock it?

Sorry forgot to add, there may be a little push button thingy you need to push in and hold there while operating the lever down, as you slide the door shut the button/plunger gets pushed in by the frame, the door knows its in the closed position and ready to lock, with the door open you need to push this button so it thinks its ready to lock
If I have the door open, I have to press the little catch in to press the lever down and it still won't allow me to lock it.
Right so you seem to know what i mean, thats good.

So will the lever only go down when the door is slid shut, is that right?
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Yep the lever goes down when the door is shut. If I have the door open, the lever will not move unless I press that little catch.
Right ok that what i meant, with the lever down will the key turn fully to lock the door?
Ah I see. No with the door shut, lever down, the key turns but only to a certain point where it then sort of jams and does not lock.
What about with the door open, press the button, push the lever down and lock it.........will the key turn and lock???
Nope it does exactly the same, eggs to a certain point and then it's like hitting a wall won't go any further
Either the lever ISN'T going fully down or something inside the locking mech has failed, another thing......does the door have shootbolts top and bottom, not just the locks along its edge?

Its looking like you might need to call someone, whether a locksmith or double glazing doctor, if you go down the locksmith road then do it through your buildings insurer, they'll send a locksmith out tonight and pay them on your behalf, all you need to pay is an excess if you have one
No it only has the lever and key on the locking mechanism. I have taken a video to show you exactly what's happening, but as you say I will most probably have to get someone to come out and have a look at it. Thanks for all your help :D
Nice video, sometimes the door settles and drops and the hooks on the door don't line up with the strikers on the frame. I'm assuming you have 6 hooks, 3 point up and 3 point down, sometimes if the door has settled the hooks bottom out and don't fully slide up or down, trying to lock the door while its open isolates this problem and you find the door usually locks but try to lock it when shut and it won't, this still may be an adjustment issue rather than a failed lock but it needs someone to come and adjust it for you.

As a temp measure till someone can come out you can slide the door shut and wedge a length of timber between the slider and the frame on the right hand side so the slider can't be slid open
Looks like you will need to take the locking gear out and have a fiddle to see if it needs replacing. You would need to take the handle and lock out, then the screws up the edge and then the whole locking gear should come out.

With a bit of luck it would be stamped somewhere with a make and part number so you can google those for a replacement.

Or from having seen your vid, I assume this is a balcony and you wont be needing to lock and unlock it from the outside? If so a cheaper option would be to fit some sliding patio door locks like these:

You can probably get them cheaper from ebay but buy 2 and fit them top and bottom.
When you've turned the key as far as it will go, can you push the lever any further down while turning the key again?

I changed my euro cylinders today (new house), and the back door was similar, but my lever goes up. I had to push and turn the key quite hard and it had a lot of resistance. Prior to this it wouldn't always lock. It needed to be pushed shut with a certain amount of force, not too much, not too little.

In the end I put the old screw back in (through the side of the door) with the new lock and it now shuts a dream.

Sounds like you have a problem similar to mine.When i purchased my house I had a sliding door.After trawling the internet,I found it was Wickes pvcu door.The lock had a problem exactly like yours.

Wicked gave me the number of the manufacturer who in turn sold the lock with the kit for£60.Easily fitted by yourself and cheaper than a locksmith.

I think it was called wellington pvcu door.Have a look.

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