PVC Sliding door Lock Question

3 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
We have PVC Sliding door that has a multi point lock operated by a lever. After pushing up the lever, you turn the key to lock the mechanism. The outside of the door is exactly the same - there is a lever and key slot outside. Is it possible to remove the outside lever so pushing up the inside lever secures the door.

At present it is all too easy to leave the door unlocked as the lever being up is mistaken for it being locked. We do not require outside access as this is not our main back door.
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Is it possible to remove the outside lever
Yes, there should be screws around the handle on the inside, remove them and both handles should come loose. Behind the handles the lever probably engages with a bar. You can pull off the outside one and reassemble.
so pushing up the inside lever secures the door.
No, the locking mechanism should be protected within the door, so it can't be deactivated without removing/breaking the lock out. Just securing it with the lever means someone could break off the outside handle then just open the door with a spanner.
Having said that, unless it's a part q/secured by design/whatever door design, sliding doors are renowned for being insecure with the most simple of attacks.

When we bought our house, the rear was secured in the manner you desire, and the key was missing. It would have been trivial to get in, however even with the lock there I easily snapped it with mole grips (in order to replace with a better lock)
Even with the better lock the security was laughable, but that whole door is gone now anyway.
Seems i'll have to look for a back-up system.
In the meantime, i'll educate the users on how to lock it !!
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Well after another incident of the door being left unlocked, I decided to deactivate the outside lever. Removed screws from inside to remove the handles and found the lock is operated by a standard square spindle connected to the levers - inner and outer. Decided to cut the spindle so the outside lever no longer connects to the lock, left the cut off piece in the outer lever so there is no chance of the spindle slipping outwards. In fact I used a spare spindle so I can replace the original if needed. IMG_3647.JPG IMG_3647.JPG IMG_3646.JPG IMG_3644.JPG IMG_3642.JPG

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