Sliding Patio door wrongly installed?

13 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom

Apologies in advance if this is a query which has been asked before (i did a quick scan in 'Windows and Doors' part of the site before asking).

I have a metal patio door sliding type installed just over 20years ago. There are a number of reasons I need to address the panes are starting to mist as I believe the units are due for renewal

One of the security tips i was given on another site suggested that a broom handle be laid against the bottom to prevent a burglar sliding back the door from outside to gain entry just as a temporary measure until the locks and bolts were fitted. Surely this suggests that the sliding pane must slide inside the fixed pane so the broom handle can be laid inside otherwise the burglar would lift the handle up on the outside himself?

The way the door opens (from the inside) is from the right you slide the door back left but the runner is on the outside of the property.

Basically is the door installed inside out? Therefore should it be sliding inside the fixed pane?

I am also wondering whether to get solid oak next time or metal again? I have concerns over the upvc type.

sunkat :confused:
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Your patio door may have either an internal or external slider.
If the sliding door is internal, its much easier to make secure by using timber / metal bar etc.
Check out Homebase product 899378 -- basically a shoot bolt by Yale.
I fit loads of these, one top, one at the bottom.
John :)
Hello John,

Thanks for your useful and speedy reply.

Thank you for the tip about the bolts.

Very helpful to know about the sliding door. Is it possible for me to drill screws into the bar above to prevent the sliding pane being lifted from outside? Someone on another site said this. or do i need to fit the door slider top rail with a metal bar.

Sunkat :)
Forgot to say the reason I am asking about preventing the sliding door being lifted from the outside to gain entry is because I accidentally lifted this out myself one day purely by trying to slide it open. Luckily managed to replace the door into the mechanism.

P.S. which is the longest lasting door/safest please? Metal or solid Oak?

Many thanks
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With my own door (internal slide) I've fixed a length of metal tubing to the top (discretely) which prevents the door being lifted - the door effectively collides with the top jamb when someone tries to lift it - with a shovel etc.
The bolts I've recommended actually shoot quite deep into the frame - they are much better than the usual weedy offerings.
I'd probably go for timber doors next time, but I have to admit the original aluminium ones have lasted well, and were cheap.
As I rarely open my doors, (too bloomin' cold up here) quick unlocking isn't necessary for me - maybe you are the same.
John :)
Hello John,

Thank you for the tips and guidance on the metal bar and also the material of a replacement to choose.

Thanks we have several bolts now plus a lock with keys as was worried when doubting the original installation. We use it open and bolted several times a day and evening (works from home and it gets hot in South England). I shall have a look for one such bar from Wiskes etc to put above the door just incase. Stop me lifting it off by accident anyway! Don't know my own strength!

Thanks again

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