small job

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Forget it; anything you can possibly do without spray equipment & specialist paint will look totally naff & if you pay to get it done properly, you might as well go buy a new black fridge!
Take the advice offered by Richard, otherwise you will be on the road to disaster.

Rub down with 400 wet /dry using sugar soap in warm water. Use masking tape to protect handles etc and get yourself some Crown Solo satin and apply 2 coats.
Obviously this will not be the same as spraying it but it should suit you well if you just want to hand paint it black.
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Well Solo is well up for the job here, also after your suggested prep any trade quality Alkyd bound gloss would also suffice. Yet I think that for the untrained hand to attempt this would be the road to disaster ;)

FWIW; as someone who has a bit of experience in automotive re-finishing, include plastics, you will never get it to look any good; but if you really don’t mind a hand painted fridge with brush marks & all in your kitchen then it’ll look fine. But if your not bothered about how it looks, why are you bothered about the colour :?:

It’s the sort of thing I remember me dad getting up to (god rest) back in the 70’s when times were really hard & make do & mend was king; his refinishing efforts looked totally naff even then but I never had the heart to tell him! :LOL:
I could do it. ;)

Wouldn't bother me that it was hand painted because my doors are and so are the door casings, skirtings, radiators, ceilings and walls. :)

Having a re-think about it though, you'd have to paint the handle and other edgings, as I don't think it would look correct white and the plastic strip round the door but... peristence, skill and determination will help.

You could use a foam roller as well to avoid brushmarks.

In fact...........
think I'll do mine :cool:

Just don't go sticking masking tape over the top of it and pulling it off quickly to see if the paint's stuck straight after you've done it.
Give it time Rodney.... give it time. :mad:
The Judge.:cool:

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