Small K Rend repair

13 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
I've knocked my outside tap which has k rend around it (all the house is rendered with K rend), the result of which is a piece of k rend approximately the size of a 2 pound coin has come loose exposing the tap back plate beneath the k rend finish. Not a major problem I know but does anyone know of any filler I can use to cover up the small hole? Does K rend sell a repair kit?

Many thanks for any help!
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just buy a bag of k rend m8
or do what i do (erm shooooosh)
get down too the builders yard find the pallet and rip some bags
near the edge
then ask them too help you out and rebag one of them then get it marked down in price SORTED
Right, I shall do that. Do you just mix the stuff with water? I imagine its just like fill a hole with filler?
1: if the tap back plate is behind the krend, how the hell do you change/repair/replce the tap????

2: yes krend and weber do repair kits, builders merchants have cameras you know :rolleyes:
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what finish is it mate yes you mix i in too water if its just a small bit use a stick
what colour is it finish is it what top coat is it
pic will be good mate as for the kits yer go get one & pay out the arse
just get the right colour out the yard then your fine
ripped bags out the yard trust me youll pay no more then a fiver
most the time youll just end up getting it thrown in the boot for you and told to mooosh

im getting weber ocr pral m and rend-aid pvc beads gypsom gear out the back door at the mo lol
Thanks all for your replies,

To answer a few questions, the back plat of the tap is fixed to the house wall and the tap srews into the back plate. Was trying to replace the washer in the tap when I displaced backplate and the k rend. Have now bought a new tap and screwed it into the back plate.

The K rend is buttermilk in colour but I dont know what type it is, its the same stuff all the way through to the wall and it has a scratched finish.

I'll try a builders merchant for any open bags of the stuff, like I said the area that needs doing is only about the size of a 2 pound coin.

Thanks all for your help!

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