Tyrolean Patch Repair vs K-Rend Finish - HELP!!!!

3 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
Evening all

With summer fast approaching now seems as good a time as any to repair / replace the blown tyrolean render to the rear of my property.

I am undecided whether to repair patch (14SQM) of Tyrolean or whether I should apply a K-Rend finish to the entire rear of my house (50SQM).

Would appreciate your feedback / approx costs to hire somebody to perform the following:

Quote 1 - Tyrolean Patch Repair (14 SQM)

Quote 2 - K-Rend Polar White (50 SQM)

My property is a mid terrace c1900 house.

Many Thanks in advance
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Iv looked at your pics and id goo with a monocouche render hack off the old render base coat full mesh and top coat

there are better monocouche renders out there rather then Krend
weber SAS STO my favorite is parex
we do alot of mono work and spray it on too for a fast turn around
with scaffolding hack off base and top 50 SQM id say about £1700
that all materials scaffold 2+1 gang pump and mini skim JOB DONE

the thing you got too think about is trying to match up the roughtcast and then painting costs times ect monocouche is a lot lot better and if you really like the roughtcast then all the suppliers will stock there own brand of roughcast
Skimmers how much a metre do you charge for monocouche, with scaffold say around £200 and then chop of taking a day, allowing for stubborn areas, then skip for rubbish removal, then Walls will need to be treated to take new render ! must be leaving only about £25 a metre or less to monocouche ? Supply and fit.

To the original poster, if you could get it done for £1700 and done properly, then that's a good deal, in all honesty if I was quoting a job over here in Brum I would be looking to charge around £2200 ! Just to give you a idea !
I would go for redoing the whole lot as above, get a few quotes and look at their work before deciding.

As said, patching will always be seen
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Thanks for all the replies, massive help guys

I've shortlisted 2 tradesman who have come in with the following prices:

Fully K-Rend Finish £1500, Tyrolene Patch Repair £750

I must admit I am leaning towards the k-rend.

Both of these tradesman have suggested that it would not be necessary to hack off the old Tyrolene as it has a good strong "key".

Is it advisable to k-rend over tyrolene? I would be concerned about the wall not being able to breath? Has anybody had any good / bad experiences with this approach?

id hack off on all my jobs.
its a safer bet then trying to add more gear over the top of whats there and if it fails then no one will back the job as iv said Krend isnt the best out there id say its one of the worst about.

we use parex as much as we can on our jobs its a lot beater gear more M2 per bag bigger bags nicer to work with that offer a lot more different backing coats to suit your needs.

Iv used all types of monocouche and found that Parex is by far the best all round.

if you go with your guys telling you to leave the old gear on and go over the top for £1500 then youll have problems are thay offering you any come back if it goes belly up as i know Krend wont want to know
perfect, thanks Skimmers.

The technical folk at K-rend have echoed your comments and said that this is an absolute "No No" and would invalidate any warranty so it looks like I'll be hacking it off. If I were to request a quote for Parex instead of k-rend would you expect there to be much difference in cost?

Also are there any technical documents that describe the benefits of parex vs K-rend.

the shipping and handling is a con £60 per pallet so youll need HPX base or HPX 12 thats 1 pallet then your top coat thats a 2nd pallet then beads and mesh thats a 3rd pallet =£180 off the mark pluss the costs of the material and scaff...
what is there offering to do for the money and what come back have you got if it go's wrong....
At least with parex the gear is there in the yard ready to go with our stockist same as weber even tho parex comes from fracne weber is made by the same people that make british gypsum gear saint-Gobain
Krend really isnt all that
yes just go on there web site and have a look there parex monorex monocouche.
as i said its a no no job if you asked me to put anything over your old render id walk away as there's no backing from any one
as for price if your guys are any good then thell know the prices but going by what your saying there not all that!!!!!

We offer a spray service too that halfs the time we are on site allowing the customer to get back to there normal life with out trades all over the place
if you like a full spec invoice id be more then happy to send you one
Yes please, PM me a quote based on 37 SQM.

I was way out with my initial 50SQM after failing to reduce the space occupied by windows, doors, shed etc...
as for price if your guys are any good then thell know the prices but going by what your saying there not all that!!!!!

I know that under £25 a metre is a good price, our prices start from £30 a metre on private jobs and even that is seen as good as we win our fair share of work ! you only have to google it and you will see prices of £55 a metre for monocouche ! Although in my onion that is too much but if they can get the work then good luck to them I say.
Dean was the other prices that came in at £1500 just for supply and labour ? or did it include scaffold ? I know it did not include chop off as you said they was going over top.
Yes the price included a tower scaffold, the existing stuff will now be hacked off by me. Also worth noting that the area to be rendered is now 37 SQM and not 50 as originally stated.

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