Snapped copper monobloc tap tail


5 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom

I needed to remove a copper tap tail from a high rise monobloc tap, to get the tap off. The tail has snapped off about 100mm inside the tap body. It had a nut brazed on to it, and when I turned the nut it looks like the pipe twisted and sheared instead of the connector unscrewing.

Any suggestions for removing the tail? I could try hammering a deep socket onto the pipe and turning with a ratchet but don't want to make it worse.

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I fear you have terminally c*cked it it up and your only recourse is tap replacement.

The only safe place to unscrew a tap tail on a mixer is on the hex nut entering the mixer body. Copper mixer tails are of annealed (soft) copper over most of their length to allow manipulation after fitting.

You might, if you can get the mixer free, be able to to remove the remaining tap tail and get replacements at a plumbers merchant. Some are M10 threads, some M12. Flexi versions are available e.g. M12 x 15mm speedfit or compression.

But your best course as this stage is probably replacement.
Thanks. The mixer is off the sink and has been replaced, so the basin is functional again. I would like to salvage the tap if possible, do you have any ideas how? I had to unscrew the tail further where I did as it attaches to the tap body quite deep inside the base.
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Picture attached. It's actually more like 250mm inside the tap body.
That's the devil's own job'll have to lose the remains of that copper stub, and then get in there with a splined extractor - or maybe a short tapered type that's used for torx fittings. Google splined extractors and you'll see what I mean.
Personally I wouldn't bother with this one!
John :)
If you can remove the copper stab or straighten it out you may be able to get a monobloc socket onto it. Maybe even use the socket to help straighten out the copper. It will be a right pain in the ass and I doubt it will be worth the trouble.

It will be on a return journey to china via the recycle bin very soon.

We sent them our scrap and they send us nice shiny taps,rads,plywood etc

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