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As a fan and a player of snooker Ive always liked the sport.

I fully understand why a lot of people dont like it so keep your comments to yourself on this one.

This Crucible Championship has been fantastic!. Whilst I write Murphy and Robertson are at 14-14. Ive made 1 'century' as a club player with 12 years of playing behind me.

How carp is that, when you see someone with REAL talent knocking them in for fun! Dis-heartened somewhat but awesome talent on display!


oh 15-14 now in Murphy's favour
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A Fifty break would be outstanding for me!

Anyway, just for ya info mate, sometimes I like to watch stuff while i'm on here and generally surfing the net. I have found this site
provide a fairly good quality viewing experience and its totally free. They have all the main UK channels.
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Just because someone has to win, and someone else to lose, doesn't make something a sport.
na it's the ainsley harriot show

as brian turner once remarked :LOL:

now there is a book worth reading eddie brian turners autobioghraphy

sod it life story :LOL:
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