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kev - have got a biography of Thatcher, if you're interested ;)
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As a fan and a player of snooker Ive always liked the sport.............This Crucible Championship has been fantastic!.

Soggy, I also love playing snooker (about 3 hours every day) but have never watched a single match on tv because I really find it boring. All of my friends know that, but when I am playing someone new he gets a real shock when I say that I never watch it.

I too have had a century break (44 years ago) and even at 72 am still knocking them in. As I said in another post some time ago, when I was young, I thought i just couldnt miss and when I got older I began to doubt if they would go in. Now an old man, I dont give a toss and am playing really well - a 65 yesterday. I would love to score a century again and am not giving up trying.

PS I'm not fit enough to participate in a sport, so snooker to me, is a pastime.

You obviously play to a high standard! Played for a couple of hours this afternoon and had 3 breaks over 30. Whilst the scoring wasnt high, I was playing a bloke with a 140 break under his belt, and his level of play was far beyond mine, so I was happy to have scored when I could.

The bloke I played was ten years younger than me! :mad:

A number of years back, Jimmy White was a guest at my local snooker haunt and played against our clubs most talented player over 3 frames.
Once the lad calmed down he played well and scored in every frame. I won a raffle prize to play one frame, and broke off quite well. 5 Minutes later I was 143 points down. Total clearence and Id barely drunk the froth off me beer! :eek:

When you visit certain clubs and see kids of 14/15 knocking in 90's and leave table disgusted, its makes you realise how good these kids (and they are kids) are. A lot of shots with the rest as some still have a bit of growing to do.

Bolo,You obviously play to a high standard!

Not really, I play to a standard determined by my opponent. For a reason that I have never been able to understand, without trying, I raise or lower my game depending on who I'm playing. For example, this morning my opponent scored a 33 and I came back with a 46. Tonight I was playing a guy who although not in any sense a good player - he has never broke 20 against me - nevertheless took me to the blue. He was really chuffed when he told his wife that he nearly beat me.

Tomorrow's the best day of the week when we play non-stop for just under 5 hours.
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