Soft close toilet seat

6 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
Our soft close toilet seat keeps coming adrift which is most perturbing when you nearly kill yourself cos it comes shooting off the toilet!!

I keep fixing it but it keeps coming off so obviously I'm not doing something right.

The actual bits that attach it to the toilet pan are as solid as a rock - its the damper things inside the seat that keep coming out.

Not really sure how else to explain it - anyone got any ideas - apart from a new seat - because it's a strange shape and I've no idea what make of toilet it is.
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They normally slide in from the sides and when they bolt down to the pan, the location stops them coming out the side fo the seat(s). Check to make sure you have them the right way round and bolted to the pan close enough together.
Thanks, just had my head down the pan again trying to fix it.

It's like the damper bits are twisting and just popping out but I can't get the actual pin bits that are attached to the pan to push out the way if that makes sense.

It maybe doesn't help that the little seat buffers came off too - could that be causing the seat to twist and slide?
a) I'm not sure you actually need to stick your head down the toilet to check it...but each to their own...

b) do the dampers go fully into the seats? On the ones i've fitted one side does one seat and he other side does the other seat. doesn't matter what way round they go and he just screw dow to the pan. photo of the offending parts would help...
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I'll get photos. The dampers are in three parts that go through the seat and the lid and then onto the pins that are screwed into the pan.

It's like it's twisting and coming loose. Lasts for a couple of weeks then off we go again with a mobile toilet seat.

I'd get a new one but I've no idea what kind of toilet it is and it's not a bog standard shape (pardon the pun)
Are there little grub screws which need to be tightened to hold the dampers down to the fixings? - normally require an allen key.

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