Soil pipe & pan connector sizes

19 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
While replacing my toilet I noticed the soil pipe wasn't the standard 110mm but is the smaller size 82mm?

I went to the merchant and told him I wanted a pan connector for this situation, when I got home and offered it up it was smaller even that the 82mm. It said 3 inch on the packet!, is it possible to get a 82mm pan connector?

How many sizes of soil pipes are there, this 3 inch one looks like a drainpipe size, surely they would just block??

I'm confused :confused:
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You have a 3" soil pipe branch?

Do you have a 3" soil stack too?

When was the soil system installed like that, why, how, where, and who by?

Oh, and what the blazes?!
Hi Goldberg

The soil stack and branch measure about 3 1/2 inch, the merchant gave me the wrong connector, this one looks soooooo narrow inside (bottleneck).

Is there such thing as 3 ich soil?
Is there such thing as 3 ich soil?
I was being lazy. For 3" please read 82mm, or whatever yours is.

The Building Regulations require you to have an "adequate system of drainage", without specifying pipe sizes. However, since BS EN 12056-2:2000 specifies pipe sizes and is used as a reference by soil pipe manufacturers, it is a de-facto standard. The upshot is that you'd be crazy to use anything smaller than 110mm pipe for the outlet from a WC, and for the continuing foul waste system.

How much of your soil pipework is smaller than 110mm?
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My neighbour has 110mm plastic, mine is all 3 1/2 inch (82mm?)
My neighbour has 110mm plastic, mine is all 3 1/2 inch (82mm?)
I don't think 82mm pipe is intended for anything other than venting - has someone plumbed your WC into a vent pipe?

The designation of 110mm soil pipe is the inside diameter so the OD is more like 116mm.

If you're measuring 82mm as the OD, which BTW is less than 3 1/4", then the ID will be more like 76mm. The CSA of this is less than half that of 110mm pipe. :eek:

If you buy a pan connector to fit inside your pipe, then the ID of the pan connector will be so small that you could never invite John Prescott round for a heavy dinner.

Setting aside my apparent naivety at an installation like yours being possible, what scope do you have for fitting a Fernco coupling and a short section of 110mm pipe, into which you can put a standard pan connector?
3 1/2"x 3/16th CI stacks are fitted all over West of Scotland, never really heard many probs with them
3 1/2" McAlpine pan connector, job done

kirkie ye got a picture?

Straight Reducer Adjustable Length 90 - 118mm Pan Spigot to 3½ inch/ 90mm
Google Multikwik

MKS3 Standard Straight WC Connector

Pan Spigot = 108mm - 114mm
Pipe Size = 88mm - 92mm
cant get a photo either!!
its for the OP

i know what a multikwik looks like ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 in back of van!!
its for the OP

i know what a multikwik looks like ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 in back of van!!

I know you know what it looks like, my comment is to the OP not you, thank F our team won today or you would be in some mood :eek:

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