sorry looking ceiling from leak

3 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I need to repaint my living room ceiling, but I have no idea what to do with this.

As you can tell the ceiling is of the "artex" type but not asbestos. This brown monstrosity was caused by a bathroom leak and has left the plasterboard weak & sagging and the artex very flaky (and yes that is a finger hole) so I can't exactly paint straight over it. It is now dry. I can probably reinforce the plasterboard with extra nails into the joists, but I don't know how to do the artex style and Im worried that its going to look very different from the rest if the room.

Any help appreciated.[/img]
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you will need to cut out the deformed piece of plasterboard and fill the gap with a new piece, then apply a textured coating over it.
You will never get the stippled finish patch to look the same,

If there is not to much of a sag in the board, (cant see sagging in the photo) I would just fill the holes, apply a coat of Oil Based undercoat on the stain and repaint the ceiling.

The alternative is to get someone in to cut out the damaged area, reboard, tape joins, and skim the ceiling.
You could try and pass the cost onto your household Insurance, thats what its there for.
Thanks. It isn't sagging enough to cut it out (around 2-3mm) so I think I can reinforce this. I've not even had the place a year so I'm kinda reluctant to go down the insurance route and I do t think its that bad anyway.

You will never get the stippled finish patch to look the same

This is the bit I have no clue about doing. Could you expand for me?

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Artex finishes are very much individual to the person that applies them, so if you cut out a large panel then try to match the pattern, one has to take into account, the consistency of the original artex mixture, pressure applied, equiptment used in applying the pattern,

So I would suggest only remove as LITTLE of the loose stuff as possible, fill the holes, I have fairly successfully used ordinary filler, mixed thick and stippled into small areas of damaged artex and then repaint the ceiling.
Dont forget oil based undercoat over the water stain first.
doing a small area should not be that noticable

Had a closer look at the photo, it dosent look like the traditonal stipple finish, it looks like it could be "Broken Leather" finish, whack the filler on the ceiling and smear it with a "scrunched up" plastic sandwich bag or semi dry sponge, play around with it until you are happy it blends in, and let it dry, you might even be able to take out the bulges with the filler.[/b]
okay, thanks that gives me enough information to get started. I will post back if it goes tits up.


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