Sound advice for the Chancellor (cheap fix)

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Sack ALL MP's and start again with Sharia law for ALL new MP's. You steal, you lose a hand! :D

But if its "within the rules" its not theft. So the present/next lot wont be getting a hand job :evil:

Erh, claiming money for a non-existing mortgage is not within the rules.
Claiming "I didn't know" won't was, won't wash, as in criminal law, contrary to politics, ignorance is no defense.

Claiming 20 grand for a residence that is already payed for (by the taxpayer) comes dangerously close to that, and there are at least 4 who have pulled that trick afaik.

Browns own 12 grand job with his brother is highly suspect.
But if its "within the rules" its not theft.

Unfortunately for our poor MP's, that is not correct.

Their "set of rules" must be framed within existing laws and tax legislation, ignorance of this, is no excuse.

One wonders what whitewash will happen to protect their skins........ :evil:
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All hail David Cameron. The people's champion.
He took the first step to see that tax payers are refunded and left the labour rabble dithering in a cloud of dust.