Stainless steel pipes.

10 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi, Can you tell me if a 15mm stainless steel pipe can be jointed the same way as a copper one; ie can you use a copper solder ring or end feed joining it to copper, also can you use a standard olive on it when using a compression fitting? Also can you use a pipe slice on it? Thanks
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Yes in answer to all your questions however to solder it you need to remove the chome coating at the point you wish to solder it
Thanks for your advice. Its off to the toolbox for the wire wool then.
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Then no amount of wire wool will get the chrome off... :LOL:

You have to use an aggressive flux that's suitable for stainless, don't get it on your fingers, and clean it off the joint after.
cheers, john, compression fitting it is then
think La-co may do the special flux........and you`ll need a smear of jointing compound with the olive on comp. fittings as the steel is hard
Since the stainless is much harder than copper it helps to roughen th surface with something before using the compression fitting and to be quite sure its done up very tight.

I love stainless but cannot afford it!

If only we could plumb all heating in stainless then they would last a lot longer.

noted, thanks tony. Can I assume that a standard brass olive would suffice?

Cheers, Keith
On September 6th 2006 said:
Copper pipe is likely to be fine after 100 years.
Agile said:
If only we could plumb all heating in stainless then they would last a lot longer.
How much longer do you want the pipework to last, Agile? :rolleyes:

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