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Stone Barn Support

Discussion in 'Building' started by welshcottage, 5 Jan 2021.

  1. welshcottage


    30 Oct 2012
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all

    We have a Victorian two storey stone barn linked to our property about 32m2, (8mx4m)two sides and rear is stone front is wooden clad. Its build on clay type of soil, so in 140 years has moved a bit!

    About 5 years ago the roof and internal structure was in a poor state so we relaid this completely, alongside this we tied in block pillars, 4 on each side, and reclad the front. The stone wall to the rear had bowed out by a few inches and the work we had done was to give some strength back.

    5 years on the positive is that there has not been any movement for 2 years so that is reassuring as there was considerable water ingress.

    We now want to reintroduce the internal first floor, which will both allow more storage and also give some additional strength and i would quite like it to outlast me or 50 years! After speaking to our builder, who I have known and worked with on different projects has come up with a couple of options that ties in he roof, walls and internal together tieing all together.

    He also suggested we may want to consider wall ties, with patress plates either through one side to the other or part way through the new internal structure, noting the front is wooden. He also suggest 8x2 would be overkill for storage but could give future possibilities.

    So to my actual question (i do tend to go on!) has anyone had experience in using pattress plates and rods. Could we not just epoxy the new 'supported' frame into the stone building and build the wooden floors into the centre from the 4 walls?

    If anyone has any experiences they would be happy to share or experience in this type of work it would be appreciated maybe something we have not considered, our local structural guys are few and far between and not really interested or helpful!
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  3. catlad


    29 Jul 2011
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    United Kingdom
    How about building stud walls all round ready for future improvements, then you could rest your floor on that. Once its all floored you could drill through the timber floor beams to the outside and bolt on some pattress plates.

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