Stop the Yachts

The luxury yacht may be the world’s most exclusive form of transportation. But there are only a hundred or so that meet the definition of a gigayacht—a pleasure craft 295 feet or longer. Their opaque ownership records offer a glimpse of modern wealth and power...Take a cruise through the history of the vessels and their more modest sister ships.


In 1988 Donald Trump acquires Nabila, which previously belonged to the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and was featured in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again. He renames it Trump Princess, adds a disco, and changes the helipad’s “H” to a “T.” In 1991, after one of Trump’s casinos files for bankruptcy, he sells Trump Princess to his bank—which flips it to a Saudi prince. A new yacht, the Trump Princess II, which he boasted would be “something in excess of 400 feet long, closer to 500 feet,” is never built.
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Never heard the term giga yacht. A 300 footer would be a mega yacht.
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The length overall of a boat - for both powerboats and sailboats - is the first clue to how it is named in the yacht-industry nomenclature. Many maritime businesses will use the term super yacht for vessels at least 80 feet (24 meters) in length, while some consider super yachts to be a minimum of 100 feet in length (30 meters).

Many people use the terms super yacht and mega yacht interchangeably, while others believe a mega yacht starts at 200 feet (60 meters). There is also some consensus that an extremely high level of service from the onboard crew can bump a superyacht into the megayacht realm.

But as the largest of the yachts continue to grow in length, even the term mega yacht seems insufficient. Faster than the largest yacht in the world can be crowned, plans are already drawn up to exceed its length. Should the largest, nearly 600-foot-long yacht fall into the same naming category as the 200-foot yacht? Probably not. For this reason, many more in the maritime industry will put the largest of the large luxury yachts into the giga yacht group. Similarly, the immense vessels that are still in the idea/discussion phase are called giga yacht concepts.

So, with no "official" rules in play, you can use your own judgement and preference when calling a vessel, a boat, a yacht, a super yacht, a mega yacht, or a giga yacht.


It's a bloody big boat, whatever the term you use to register such a craft. I thought it amusing that a man who swore to 'build the wall' couldn't even get his bigly boat built at all.

[This] ship is part of OI's new "Armada" - a fleet eventually of 23 vessels - that will survey the seabed for offshore wind farm operators and check underwater infrastructure for the oil and gas industry. Strikingly for a ship that's 78m (255ft) in length there are only 16 people on board. A traditional ship carrying out the same kind of work would need a crew of 40 or 50. OI believes it can reduce the numbers still further.
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So, once they've reduced the crew to just the cook and his cat what will we do with the drunken sailor?
parked next to this "super yacht" at the weekend - Sunseeker 100. though I paced it out size wise and recon its only 98ft.
. 4000 hp and 20kts top speed holds around 12,000 litres of fuel which my estimate gives it an "economy" range of about £17 per mile and at top speed about £60-80 `
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