Straightening kitchen cupboard

12 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom

We are going to be installing new kitchen cupboards and the cabinets have arrived all made up. The sink unit, while sturdy, is slightly unlevel. The top is level but the sides are very slightly off making the door appear a little uneven. If you push the cupboard to the side a little, everything evens up. Unfortunately this unit is going to be next to two appliances so won't be pushed into shape by its neighbours.

I guess the best thing to do is brace the back of the cupboard but I'm wondering the best method of doing this? Is there an established method to 'pull' the unit square?

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If you fix the unit to the floor and the wall behind that leaves only the top front edge loose and movable. This is then simple job to put in an horizontal brace at the top to push the offending side into place.
use four "L" brackets to fix it to the wall, one in each corner, this should hold it square.

If its just a hardboard back try unscrewing it from the back rail, square up the unit and refix the back. Best way to check for square is measure the diagonals which should be the same

Packout out the bottom of units to make it level use strips of hardboard i think you guys call it or thin wooden wedges ,fix sides of unit to wortop with L shaped brackets you can also add some Lshaped brackets to fix the sides of units to the wall.
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It does sound like your floor is out of level. This would throw the unit , out of square. If this is the case then either level the unit up or , if it doesn't have adjustable feet, then pack it up with small wedges till it's level sideways and back to front.
With some of the ready assembled units that don't have adjustable feet, I have had to scribe the unit to the wall and the floor (easy when you know how) a bit difficult to explain though.
OP says the "top is level" so the bottom must be level, its just been twisted and is raked to one side.

That's what I was think Jason, twisted in storage or transit.
Thinking about it just fixing it to the wall and floor and then pulling it out of twist and securing to the worktop should suffice.
Fit the unit including the door but don't screw the worktop. Then push over the side until the door looks right and put a mark on the unit and worktop. Open the door to give access to screw and fix ensuring the marks on unit and top are lined up.It's easier if you have a friend there to do the pushing whilist you do the drilling and screwing.

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