stubborn parts in interior

17 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
This is about awkward parts in the peugeot 206 which is fever 1.4 i 04.
What trying to do is replace spark plugs and to do that have to remove iginition coil, but to do that need to remove the 10mm nuts so go with socket set and try it , it wont budge with wd 40, tried 10mm spanner it simply wont budge, the 10mm socket dont budge it, what will get this nut loose. The reason the sockets dont twist the nut is because a stud sticks up and blocks socket.
Next is the door panels which have allen key heads the bolt heads do but the bloody things are webbed so they wont budge so now what, how can get them out.
Trying to put lockwood dials dash in but the same problems allen key bolt head is webbed so its impossible to get it out.
Havent got the money for flash parts just spent a fair amount on socket set, which useless
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To shift the coil pack you'll need a 10mm deep drive socket (available from Halfords etc). This will allow the stud to pass up inside the socket and allow the hexagon to grip the nut.
I'm not sure what you mean about the trim screws being 'webbed' - are you sure they aren't of the torx type? Very common these days.
Cheers John
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Torx and deep drive socket it nevers ends having to buy stuff
Ch Im not taking the **** its just not familar with all this equipment etc u moron