Stuck uPVC window

16 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom

Wonder if you could help me with this one, we have a uPVC window which originally would not shut. I moved the handle and I could see the bolts moving from side to side underneath but they didn't move enough to sneak passed the sockets in the frame.
Suddenly, and I do not know how, the window shut "Great" i thought however this was short lived as I now cannot open said uPVC window as I'm assuming that the bolts are still moving but not enough to clear the sockets.

I have removed the handle and checked that the mechanism still does move and the handle still moves between the normal range ... i.e. it doesn't get stuck part way.

I also noted that if I blew down the hole where the spindle goes some water came out.
I can therefore assume that some water has got in and has effected the system but not enough to stop it working.

My question is, yes i did have a question, how do I fix my window as it's now jammed shut?
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