Surprising news about Diesels

15 Nov 2005
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we know that diesel cars gained in popularity due to tinkering with the tax rules, which for a time made them cheaper to run. In recent years we have become increasingly aware of the health damage caused by the tiny particulates they emit, and there are moves to ban them from cities where the health damage is especially bad. The VW emissions scandal (and no doubt other manufacturers' as well) has not helped.

Now, "Renault considers killing off diesel engines"

"By 2020, when more stringent EU emissions standards come into force, larger Renault cars such as the Clio and the Megane are unlikely to have diesel engine variants.

More than 60% of the 1.6 million cars Renault sold in Europe last year were diesels."
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Not my words.

See the "quote"

The preceding para in the BBC articles says

"He told a meeting of Renault bosses in July that diesel engines had already been removed from the company's smallest cars, such as the Twingo, even before the Volkswagen scandal."

so I suppose they mean larger than a Twingo

(which I assumed was a chocolate-coated biscuit)
Its the sign of things to come, I'm afraid.....keep an eye out for low capacity petrol engines with a screaming turbo :eek:
John :)
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The one litre engine does seem to be a favourite right would really need a supercharger as well as a turbocharger to get the best out of it.
(Or at least until it goes bang, anyway :eek:)
John :)
I suppose you won't get enough miles out of one of those engines to ever need to change a cambelt!
The little Smart goes pretty well with a 700cc turbocharged petrol engine, even when abused by driving it in first gear until white smoke came out of the rear! After it cooled down it was fine again. (Women drivers! :eek:)

Oh, btw "rsgaz", Renault is a French company. I would have expected Quoi? (or Comment?), not ¿Qué? which, is Spanish. :D
After changing a timing belt yesterday and today (Both Skoda diesels as it happens - one PD engine, one common rail.....and both needing a new water pump) I can cheerfully say I'm well ****ed off with timing belts. Bring it on! :D
John :)
Why is it only us Brits that are worrying about diesel pollution? The Germans are still churning out diesels in their high performance models or are they trying to slowly poison us ?
On the topic of Smart cars I read that the engines are not strong and are prone to losing compression
I can't comment on the Smart engines......but if you jack the cars up unevenly for maintenance, the bloody roof cracks :eek:
Try explaining that one!
John :)
I would have expected Quoi? (or Comment?), not ¿Qué?

But I got the phrase from this guy though... (y)

Why is it only us Brits that are worrying about diesel pollution?
You haven't read the thread, have you? Or are you Nigel Farage?

Go back to the beginning and click on a link.
I'm not surprised, theres only so much that can be done to a diesel to improve mpg and lower emissions without effecting the car. Then 3 years down the line when all problems will occur, dpf, dmf, injectors, turbos, egr valves, its just become too expensive to own.

They should invest in hybrid petrol cars.
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