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29 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a desktop PC running Windows 10. I can link one folder on the C drive to Live Drive online. This is handy as if the internet is slow, I can work on anything in that folder and it will update the online copy when it can. I can also access those files on my laptop, tablet or phone which is really handy.

I’d like to save everything on my PC to One Drive and keep it all synchronized with what is on my PC. My problem is space. My D drive is 500GB and has only 40GB of free space. My C drive is 250GB and has 41GB free. If I can synchronize a folder on my D drive to Live Drive online I could easily replace my D drive with a larger drive and have some space.

I just can’t work out how to synchronize a folder on D drive with Live. Doing this would also free up space on the SSD C Drive which might make things quicker.

Is it possible to synchronize a folder of a drive that is not running windows with Live Drive?
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I haven't used LiveDrive so I can't answer your question directly, but you can trick Windows into thinking your D drive is just a folder on your C drive. If the data appears to be on your C drive, then LiveDrive will likely try to synchronise it.
  • This is dependant on your drives being formatted as NTFS, which is the default format for Windows 10.
  • Use "Disk Management" to mount a drive as a folder on your C: drive
  • If you create the pseudo-folder inside the folders that LiveDrive synchronises, it will synchronise your D drive as well.
You also mention replacing your D drive. If this is your ultimate goal, it might be easier to copy your files directly onto LiveDrive (or alternate cloud storage) using the web-browser interface, replace the drive, and then copy the files back locally.
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