tap troubles

I mean that if we turn the tap on full it stays on full and the water flow does not reduce. The problems only happens when we turn the tap on a quarter turn or a half turn so the water flow is gentle, like for brushing teeth or washing hands. The water stops flowing before you have rinsed all the soap off your hands.
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do you know the make/model of the taps ?
are they 14 turn taps ?
as in only need to turn 1/4 turn to be fully open or need to turn a few turns to fully open.

and this is on both the taps?
i would be looking at faulty taps rather than pipework or fitter issues.
The taps are cheap taps from Argos so I would definitely consider getting better ones BUT the very same taps worked perfectly the first week they were fitted [I can remember being pleased with the fact that the water flowed so easily without having to turn them very far]. That's why I was concerned that something else was the problem.

But new taps are definitely worth trying and I'll be sure to check out if they are 1/4 turn or not.....
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as you say its ok if taps are on full. so can't be a block or restriction.
sounds like cheap faulty jumpers in the taps.
can you see any other valve etc in pipework to taps or bath mixer taps ? does the pipework go under the floor boards etc ?
I can't see any other valves. The pipes go under floorboards a bit but they are mostly attached to wall and hidden by cladding.

The water flow has to be at the point of splashing water for it to not reduce.

As I said in another post, the flow of water seems to be affected if I push or lean on the taps which makes me think that it must be a problem with the taps... Just seems strange that they would work one week and then feel and act completely different the next week.
yes it is strange but it does happen.
as when you say you push on the tap, which makes it sound like the jumper inthe tap faulty.

you could try take the insert out of one of the taps and have alook.
I will have a go!

Just need to find out what a "jumper" and an "insert" is..... :LOL:

Watch this space........
Well glasgowgas,......I said,

" Because you have a combi boiler, you don't have a hot water tank, your cold water comes directly from the mains and it is at mains pressure and it feeds your cold taps directly and it also goes directly to your boiler, your boiler then heats the hot supply and pumps it to the hot taps and radiators via the boilers own pump. "

You replied,

" jameshere stated that a combi boiler takes mains water,heats it up, and uses the boilers internal pump to pump it.

i replied that it doesnt,because, well it doesnt "

Doesn't what ?, doesn't heat the water ?, no, I don't suppose that is what you meant, I assume that what you meant was that the hot water doesn't reach the hot taps and radiators via the boiler's own internal pump, why not ?, I don't know, you didn't bother to explain why that is or isn't the case.

you are a cretin.

stop replying with copied internet waffle.

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