tapered edge plasterboard fixing and painting

16 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
I'm replacing a ceiling using 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard.

Is it ok to put the screws into the tapered edge or should i fix it on the flat just before the taper starts?

Also, once i have joint taped, filled and sanded is it ok to paint straight onto the boards?
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Cant answer about the crews sorry..as far as painting the board is concerned then theres a few options..the recommended system is to give the wall a coat of drywall seler first..then if they are ever decorated with paper..in theory..you can remove the paper without damaging the boards..personally I cant see the difference between doing that and giving them three coats of vinyl emulsion (matt)

Dont use silk..it shows everything up

So..officially I should tell you..drywall sealer first then a couple of coats of emulsion...

Unofficially...a thinned coat of vinyl matt followed by another two slightly thinned
Yes its ok to put the screws into the tapered edge. To be honest it is most advisible to put them into the tapered edge cos if any movement between tapered edged boards then they WILL crack even though they are ames taped due to movement.
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Thats alright...nothing else to do on a saturday night..im married!
Another related question.

The ceiling area i am reboarding is L- 5' 6" W- 4' 3" (using 2 x 1800x900mm). The joists span the 4' 3" width @ 400mm centres.

Should the tapered joint run across the joists, or should the joint run parallel (i.e down the centre of a joist.) Or does it not really matter?
Yes to, "should the joint run parallel (i.e down the centre of a joist.)" And yes it does matter.
Third_Eye said:
Yes to, "should the joint run parallel (i.e down the centre of a joist.)" And yes it does matter.
Out of curiosity, can you elaborate on why it does it matter.
It matters cos if to much movement is at jionts of boards then they will crack at jionts even though they are ames taped. Imagine this scenario that you just board all over the place without any order on the jiosts and the tapered edge jionts meet on at non drywall screwable areas (i.e. no jiost to screw into) and the jiont cracks, then you are left with a problem as it is obvious that there is no way (at a later date, "if cracks") that you can put more screws in at explained sutuation in order to stop any movement that is causing cracks. Another scenario is gyproc will eventual sag/belly (10 years on etc) due to that thing called gravity (though if u see it gona tell me where it is cos i never can seem to see it, hehe) and this will cause the the ames taped areas to crack (due to movement), hence why to meet the edges of gyproc at jiosts in order they do not sag (at jiosts). I could go on with many more reasons but i thin you get the picture.

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