21 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom

Thinking of buying some taps from ebay....

Problem is, I was wondering if bath/basin mixers are interchangable. A bit concerned I might be waiting days for a bath to run...

Are flow rates different for bath taps, and can I rely on sellers who sell a tap as suitable for baths or basins?

Cheers for the help!
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Bath taps are usually bigger bore (3/4") than basin taps (1/2").

If your water comes from a tank in the loft you want good big waterways. UK taps are often wider internally than Italian or other imports.
Bath taps usually have a 3/4" connection, whilst basin have 1/2". This is important if you have a standard 'gravity fed' hot tap water system and not a combi/un-vented system ;)
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To work at their best combis prefer to have all hot tap pipe work in 1/2".

Even with 3/4 bath taps and a combi you should use a 3/4 - 15mm tap connector, so I can't see why not.
As far as i'm aware your flow rate would not change as you will recieve the same water pressure you have always had. The thing i would consider is the length of the neck of the taps. The reason i say this is becuse i brought some new taps a while back and they were about 10 mil short of the connection. it was a right old pain in the arse job having to change the pipes to match the taps.

aren't they great?
JohnD said:

aren't they great?
Nope. I hate braided flexibles, especially with hot supplies, on which they're just a plumbing time-bomb.
"Problem is, I was wondering if bath/basin mixers are interchangable."

I wouldn't have thought it possible to fit bath "mixers" to a sink and vice versa?
Stivino said:
I wouldn't have thought it possible to fit bath "mixers" to a sink and vice versa?
If by "sink" you mean basin, then it's possible to fit a bath tap as long as the hole is big enough.
It's just that he said "mixers". So apart from the difference from the centres being a bit different, the holes in sink and bath being different, and the existing fittings being different then, I suppose they'll be the same.
Stivino said:
It's just that he said "mixers".
Fair point, well made. I didn't read his post properly.

I retract my comment and apologise for my mistake.

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