Teens killed in car crash..




The car split into two, killing the three occupants. None of which was old enough to drive anyway.

I feel for their parents, as I lost my brother in a car accident, not his fault. But if someone takes a car, uninsured, unlicenced, and then kill themselves, in a stolen car...Your kids going off, in a car that doesn't belong to them? At 14, 15 or 16? REALLY?

Like the Final Destination movies, they were on the road to death, thankfully they didn't take an innocent person out with them. But what a stupid thing to do. Would a parent lend a car to a person that isn't allowed to use it? Where did they get the car from?

Darwin Effect..life evolves.I've been on a bus, as a team of teens have swore, abused, and physically attacked fellow passengers, Teens evolve their own ideas, and if anyone says otherwise, threat. Threat turns to adrenalin, so they steal a car, then kill themselves. Sad.

Do parents out there actually know what their kids are up to? I'd say 90% don't.
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We have all done silly things in our youth most are lucky and make it through
Some don't....such life
Mick did your parents know what you where up to every minute of the day.

I do think a firm hand at an early stage does help keep kids on the straight and narrow
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I think that's a bit harsh.

The deaths were a result of a chain of events, any one of which not occurring would have prevented them.

The person loaning the car (if indeed they did).

The passengers getting in, knowing the situation.

The driver driving stupidly.
This is a depressing thread, is there nothing better we can discuss?

I think we should let the kids RIP and their parents mourn their deaths, without us putting our two penneth worth in.

Play with fire, you get burnt. Just lucky they were not being chased by the police then. People would have been up in arms claiming the police were wrong. What the hell is society coming to though?

Just for the record, one of my nephew's was killed at the tender age of 15, driving a stolen car when he negotiated a bend too fast and hit a bus head on, so I know how these young peoples relatives must feel. Still doesn't change the fact that they shouldn't have been in the car in the first place.
nobody seems to have mentioned it but what were they doing at 4-30am on a Sunday morning at that age? Don't the parents give a toss about them.
Some are showing no sympathy, but some seem to be overly sympathetic and saddened :rolleyes: .

Kids do silly things and some get away with it some do'nt.

Sad for the parents all the same. Why shall we judge anyone??
nick the prick, i once was in a stolen car, passenger, unaware it was nicked, i got out, the car crashed, 1 died, would i deserve it, if i stayed in the car? :evil:
The passengers must either have not known the driver - in which case they got into a car at 4:30am driven by someone they didn't know - or, they must have been fully aware that he was not old enough to have a driving licence.

Stupid either way.

Stupidity kills. Just not as often as it should.
I don't want anyone to be killed as a result of criminal recklessness.

But, a bunch of underage kids steal some keys and get away with the car.

It's a toss-up whether they kill themselves or some poor innocent minding his own business.

On balance I'd rather it was themselves.

Wouldn't you?
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