Texecom adding another ricochet expander

21 May 2007
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United Kingdom

I’ve got a premier elite 24 and have run out of space on my 8 way expander. I’ve purchased a 32 way expander and would like to add further wireless sensors. Is there Any way to add this in addition to the current expander to save having to reprogram it completely (including the 2 high level sounders!)
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How many hard wired devices do you have on the system?

To get the best benefit of the ricochet mesh you would delete the 8 devices off the first 8XP-W, and relearn all on to the 32XP-W.

If you don't want to do that then the 32XP-W needs to be address 2. assuming that the 8XP-W is address 1 and there are no other expanders on the system. What version is the 32XP-W?

just need to be aware if bought off ebay the expanders version may not be version 3.x which is the latest, you need a version 2 expander to use with wireless sirens.
I second the method of deleting the first expander and relearning all onto the 32 way. We have had a couple of sites where the supervision issues are constant on two 8xp, swapped them for a 32 and no more problems fully meshed
Thanks both, looks like a delete and install a new is the best thing. There’s never a good shortcut!

i did buy from eBay and luckily it seems it’s a 3. Something so lucked out there.

there are 12 hardwired devices on it currently.
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The green version label on the expander.

no text on it version 1
Text on it tells you version number.

12 hard wired devices is a concern.

the 24 is capable of 24 zones max.
8 zones on the panel usually unless it’s a 24W.

If you have used an 8XP or 8XE then you have no spare allocations. Available and if you have wired to the keypads then your still potentially could have issues.

So the news isn’t great, let us know how it’s is currently setup and what you want to add to it and can try and see what’s possible for you.
OK. Version is 3.1.10 so good there

I’ve currently got an 8xe in addition to the 8XP-w and a hard wired keypad. I’ve currently got 2 wireless bell boxes and a wireless keypad in addition to 5 other wireless magnetic door sensors.

There are currently 12 wired sensors and door contacts although I could actually lose 3 of them off there without compromising the set up in my opinion.

i wanted to add 2 further wireless magnetic and 4 further wireless shock sensors to cover accessible windows (several being single glazed timber and 2 that the Mrs keeps leaving open after leaving the house!)
Unfortunately, there is little that can be done.

The wireless keypad has no zones available and the 8XE takes up an expander address and the 8XP takes up the other one.

If you lost the 8XE thats four zones you have to rehome.

Is the 24 a poly panel or Metal?
Realistically you are looking at a panel upgrade, but that would make the 8XE defunct also.

Give me a call during office hours later today ideally before 3pm, and we go go through the options and see what would work best for you, could take a while via the forum post by post.

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