Texecom Ricochet unable to learn devices after panel reset

20 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom
I have a Texecom 64-W panel (inbuilt wireless expander) that i've factory reset.

The NVM erase counts down, and I go through the initial setup (language, default wireless, learn ricochet).

When attempting to learn a device the panel simply makes one beep and does not initiate a 20 second countdown to power up the device.

What do I need to do in order to resolve this?

All of the wireless devices that were connected to the panel are still powered up.

I have the same issue as the person in this thread:
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why were you factory resetting?
where there devices on the syste before you defaulted?
Do you have a wintex back up?
Hi All, Had a random one today. Have had a texecom elite 48-w for a couple of years (purchased it when we moved in and never really got round to fitting it correctly beyond a 'does the job' state) however finally thought with the spare time we have at the moment I would properly research it (attended a couple of the virtual learning courses this week too) and had pretty much got it to where I wanted it. This morning connected to it with wintex and for some reason the panel went off and seemed to have reset itself (deleted all of the zones however retained the users randomly)

I have now reset it and then came to read more and dont know if I have done more damage than before as am having the same issue where its not allowing me to add any wireless devices. I've tried the put it in learning mode then press reset and it beeps but still doesnt seem to do anything. Is there any way to just completely blow it away and start from scratch?
sounds like you sent to the panel when you connected with wintex and the zone data wasn't save possibly.

when you connect you may get a send receive message about zones, send the data and it wipes the zones, ????
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Sounds like it. Not sure how though as I didn’t click send. I’m not sure if I’m just putting more issues on top of each other now which is why I thought I’d default it all. Just can’t work out why it won’t delete the devices too (or relearn them if they have deleted)
well if you didn't send anything nothing could have changed unless you defaulted something.

if you cant learn anything at all, whats the message or response when you try and from what menu?
When I go into learn zone, then the learn device mode, it starts the countdown from 20, when I try and learn the device it beeps but the countdown keeps going. No error messages and doesn’t generate a log in wintex.
it keeps going if the device isn't learned on which is normal normally it would beep when its done, is this a hardwired wired or wireless keypad?
without taking a look I would say your starting from scratch, unfortunately i am tied up the rest of the evening, but there are some good guides on this on Texecoms forum.
Great, thank you for your help. I will have another go of resetting it and starting from scratch :)

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