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28 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom

I am trying to connect my Texecom Premier Elite alarm to the Texecom Connect app but keep getting a server error message following entering in the app code and Panay ID.

I’ve tried the smartcom both on wired and wi-if and it seems to be finding the panel ok as it is creating the app code. The code and user Panal number are definitely correct as I have changed the panel code and still getting the same issue. Any thoughts?


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sounds like the issue could be the app end.

which version of the app, are you in the correct site.
on your device are you connected with mobile data or wifi.

if you power cycle your phone does it still come up the same.
The app version is 2.0.23

I've tried a few things and have gone back in to the panel this morning to generate the app code again and I am now getting 'No Carrier' when trying to generate the app code. The Smartcom appears to be connect to the wi-fi ok so not sure what this new issue means.
SmartCom does not have a communication path to the Texecom Connect Servers.

SmartCom is not connected to the IP network;
SmartCom does not have internet access;
Incorrect IP addresses in Texecom Connect ARC programming.

Corrective Actions:
Check SmartCom Wireless OR Ethernet connection LED is ON (static - not flashing).
Check router shows the SmartCom as a connected device.
SmartCom Host Name = texe_hub.
Check for internet service provider parental controls that may be blocking SmartCom communications.
e.g. BT Smart Setup, Sky Shield, Virgin Media Web Safe
Check Texecom Connect ARC has correct IP address(es) entered.
UDL / Digi Options - Program Digi - ARC# - Texecom Connect
Program ARC as ‘Disabled’;
Reprogram ARC as ‘Texecom Connect’;
Texecom Connect IP addresses will automatically be corrected into the ARC settings.
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All of the settings are ok although not sure how to check the SmartCom Host Name = texe_hub.

I've spoken with Virgin Media and they have played with the settings and turned off websafe but the error is still occurring.
Can you see the texe_hub device when you are logged into the router? Can you ping the SmartCom from another device on the network?
I've managed to ping it ok.

bytes=32 time=74ms TTL=64
bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=64
bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=64
bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=64

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 4ms, Maximum = 74ms, Average = 27ms
no carrier probably a connection issue.

how is the smart com connected?
wifi or hard wired?
How do I check the ARC "Texecom Connect" IP address is set to

I've tried the Smartcom both hardwired and wi-fi and still the same issue. Have also tried downloading the app on multiple devices and getting the same problem.
What are the smart com LED's doing.

check the programming, in engineering program digi and comport setup.
The first light it flashing, the second is solid no the 3rd and 4th are off.

I’ve checked the programming on the panel and it all seems correct

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