Texecom Prem Elite - Codes & Tag query

31 May 2020
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United Kingdom
I am trying to set my Texecom Premiere Elite so that i can use the tag to set the alarm but the alarm can only be unset by entering a valid user code (not via a tag).

I have a key box nearby the alarm panel where everyones keys are stored, each persons keys has their own tab for the alarm. There will be instances whereby one or more tag will be left in the box with evetyone out and the alarm set. I dont want someone to be able to break in and find a tag and unset the alarm.

Therefore i thought of two ways:

1. use the tag and the code to unset
2. Use a code only to unset, with the tag being used to set (or code if desired) - this is my preferred option

The manual hints at this but i cant work it out. I have disabled the "Cst O/P 2.B-CODE" option in Wintex so that the user can unset using the code, but it still allows the tag.
I tried enabling the "Cst O/P 2.A-TAG" option in Wintex but this seems to have no effect and can still use either the code or tag.
I guess the way to do it is by setting the correct option in the Custom Outputs, but i cant make head to tail of what i need to change.

Can anyone help?
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The output at default is set up to allow disarming during entry as the condition that the tag or code would work.

The problem if you want to use tag and code that is a user configurable option.
I believe the dual code though is a tag or code from mutipul users, so you could have the code assigned to a user 1C (code) and user 2T(Tag), but they would need both the code and Tag to disarm.
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Thanks for your replies guys,
I dont want to relocate the keybox, once someone gets in the house no-where is technically secure, although yes i could put it in a harder to find location, but this then makes it less convenient.

If i do the dual code then does this require the tag (say user A) AND the code (say user B) or will it work with either?
It requires any two users with the dual code turned on. (or it used to, not used it in a long time)
Say there are 20 Users

You create another 20 users, first 20 have tags and no code and dual code turned on.
The next 20 21 to 40 have dual code turned on, no tag just user codes.

There was only the Premier 640 that had a true code+tag option from memory.
So i have created a user with a code only that can arm and disarm the system, this will generally be used to disarm only using the code
I have created a second user with a code and TAG and set this so they can't disarm the system, this will generally be used to arm only using the tag (the code wont be used)

Once set, if the TAG is presented, it logs in (welcome back x..) and then goes to the other options (do you want to part arm, etc), the system remains armed (or in the case of entry/exit triggered the countdown timer for the user to enter a pin keeps counting down). Whilst this works ok it would be great if the alarm says something like "can't use TAG to unset, use CODE.

Can this be done?

I have the disarm first option ticked for the 2nd user in Wintex but guess this is ignored as "allow disarming" is disabled.

If not i guess i will have to educate my kids that they must enter the code to disarm, it would be great if the panel prompted this though.
Think that just defeats using tags full stop ...? Just get kids to use a code...
yes it can be done on that user lock out the tag rather than the code
at default if a tag is being used the code is locked out on entry and would actually still work when an alarm condition occurs unless you added the criteria the custom output that controls it.

would it not be easier to have quick arm on the keypad (nothing required to set it other than a key press at the keypad)

do away with the tags and just use codes?

There are lots of things that can be done.
As your not wanting to increase security by requiring a code and a tag to disarm with your current suggestion may as well ditch the tags and just use codes?
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Thanks for the replies guys, ill do away with the tags and just use the codes.

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