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20 Aug 2016
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United Kingdom
hello all

I have just installed a new texecom premier 24 panel with an elite keypad.

I have programmed the system without any problems.

One question, on an armed system, when I open the front door, the panel doesn't promt to disarm the system it just displays "front door 01". Is this normal or should it display "please disarm"? It also doesn't display "welcome back" when I have entered the code. Is this normal or have I missed a setting?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hi sparkymarka,

Do you know what i have missed, the front door zone is programmed as entry/exit 1.

is there any attributes I need to activate?

Thanks for any help
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This will all depend on how far you have messed with the programming , did you program it by the keypad or wintex on a laptop ?
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Hi mate,

Used the keypad, the alarm seems to function fine, I've tested full set and part sets and everything behaves as normal.

The only issue I can see is the alarm doesn't ask me to disarm when I open the front door on a set system. The keypad tones and I can still enter the code and disarm as normal.

I studied the manual for days before programming it, I am an electrician so I have a background with Wiring and controls, but this is my first texecom system (in my own house) so if you have any suggestions it would be appreciated!

I can always post some images of the keypad during the entry procedure if that helps.

Cheers Aaron
So your saying you can set the alarm , trigger another zone , turns off ok with your code
When you set alarm all sets ok , you open the entry door and you get no tones ?
panel doesn't ask you to disarm when you open the door, it starts the entry tones.

go to the keypad and type your code in and it disarms(usually).

if the system is set and the entry not started and you type your code in it will ask if you want to disarm. ( at default user set to disarm first).

Not sure anything is wrong, it is more a case of clarifying what the panel is doing when you open the door when the system is set.
Hi secureiam,

What you describe is correct, when I enter the user code without starting the entry timer it says "welcome Aaron" and "would you like to disarm the system".

If I start the entry timer by entering via the front door, the keypad tones the entry sound and then when I input the code the alarm disarms. it doesn't promt me to disarm or say "welcome" it just displays front door 01.

Is this normal or I have missed a setting?

the panel assumes that when the entry is started that you have come home and you are going to turn the alarm off, so entering a correct code or fob on the keypad will disarm the alarm, no need to prompt you.

when the entry isn't started, the assumption is you may wish to disarm an area or do something else so if you have disarm first assigned to the use the first prompt will be do you want to disarm if the system is set and .... arm if it is not set.

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