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Was rudely awoken on Friday morning about 1 am by the scream of the alarm siren in our house. A quick scout around showed that both the remote key pad and the control box had lost power. I quickly checked the FCU fuse, OK, now getting grief from the missus plus domesday scenario of kids waking up, quickly got up into the loft to locate the backup battery, switch torch on, b****y kids had flattened the battery, groped around fruitlessly for abou 10 mins, thinking to myself, surely the alarm will cut off after 20 mins :?: Situation getting a bit desperate, soooo, went downstairs and selected the correct tool for the job....... A 3lb lump hammer, in a trice climbed out of bedroom window 4 or 5 well placed blows later, initial problem solved ..... but another one sadly created. Hey ho, guess I'll have to learn how to wire up burglar alarms :D :D
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Have to say I'm not a fan of SABs as they inevitably lead to scenarios like this.

A better arrangement is a second concealed sounder on another part of the building, which will activate if the visible one is tampered with. This also gives you some protection against foam-injection, whereas the SAB doesn't.
Lantash said:
A better arrangement is a second concealed sounder on

It wont be concealed for long if it activates :rolleyes:

and most if not al external sounders have built in 20 min cut off timers
Do what I did to ours........ripped it off the wall and threw it in the wheelybin..........still bloody wailing it was..........and now the sensors are being removed from each room too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :evil: Biggest load of bolox in a house only of use to the paranoid........or those with `owt worth nicking ;)
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yes, our old house had one fitted, it always bites you in the end
I thought "SAB" was some kind of insult of North American origin. :confused:

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