There are wet patches on the chimney breast in the loft

14 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
I have just moved into an end of terrace house. I found that there are some patches on the chimney breast in the loft. They are wet to be touched. The picture was taken on a day of
drizzle (light rain)
The chimney stack condition doesn't look good. it is badly cracked to the mortar pointing, badly weathered and bulging slightly. the chimney stack is on the end of the terrace wall (not the common wall)

My questions:
1) Is it almost certain to be concluded the wet patches are caused by the bad condition of the chimney stack?
2) Asbestos roof artificial slates are identified on the roof (those black "slates"). Do you think it is safe to fix the chimney stack without disturbing the asbestos roof tiles?
Thanks in advance!


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