Tips for removing paint off brick work

29 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Never paint when the missus has annoyed you! I painted the surrounding woodwork of the patio doors & unfortunately I've given the very edges of the brickwork a loupe White scarf in a few areas. I won't comment on the wifes assessment :(. Anyway I tried using a rag with White spirit - no real effect, any Recommendations, obviously about the paint I'll post for a wife solution in another area lol. Many thanks in advance.
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You could use Nitromors to both lift and soften the paint and pressure washer to remove it, if you choose this method don't hold the washer to close. an alternate approach would be to sponge off using warm water and a splash of detergent, whichever method you choose remember that Nitromors is very toxic and more than capable of burning the skin so gloves are must.

more user friendly is paint stripper supplied by these people - it's water based and will wash off as the other does - they are brilliant to deal with if you need help.

nitromores type products are banned in the states, soon to be banned here - breathing in fumes and carbon monoxide forming in blood is not good!
Whilst I am aware that the EU has in it's wisdom proposed a ban on these types of products, I am also aware to the best of my knowledge that this proposed ban has since been rejected by our Government.

I suppose then that if such a ban was established this in turn could affect most if not all chemical strippers, I also wonder that if this proposed ban takes effect as to what impact it would have on industry.

Perhaps the time has come for the Eu to stop trying to instill it's ludicrous views and perhaps find something better to do with their time.

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enough info on the internet on this chemical that persuades me that the ban is a good idea or at least a good idea for those that use it in a DIY capacity.
btw according to 3M the only mask that filters this stuff is an air fed one so if true, wearing the average mask is useless and if you have a dodgy ticker watch out!! Digressing - my wifes a dental nurse and shes forever going on about mercury being banned in the US re. dental work - seems the UK lags behind in these type of things....
Well perhaps so yet I would tend to term it as another over reaction, I think both industry and the Decorating Trade have suffered enough with regard to the new 2010 paint systems without further legislation being introduced.

I have been in this trade a very long time and as many others have come across many harmful substances, people should be made aware of these facts yet an outright ban is as said in my opinion an over reaction.

we'll probablly have to agree to disagree. I can vouch for the fact that breathing in methylene chloride paint stripper fumes has an adverse effect and I'm not just talking feeling like your pi$$ed. Muscle aching/ weakness is the main one. Trouble is people need saving from themselves. Chatting to someone the other day using Danish Oil from a 5L can who didnt have a clue about rags combusting depsite it being written on the tin as a warning. the number of people who will use stripper in confined spaces regardless is frightning....
Gentlemen, many thanks to both of you for guidance. Rest assured failure to remove said paint will lead to shortness of breath ;). Kind regards.

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