to admin ref. a disturbing event.

6 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
While browsing a post in the building forum i clicked on "" (the electrical factors). I was taken to the tlc-direct site.

When i clicked on the tlc-direct search facility my user name "dann09" appeared in the tlc-direct search box.

This is disturbing for two reasons:

1. I was not logged on to while i was browsing, hence, i assumed that i was anonymous, and

2. How did my username get from to

Did my user name somehow leak from the site, or is it a practice of to supply details of even anonymous users to other third parties?
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Firstly to re-assure you we do not supply user details to any 3rd party.

I would imagine that it is a 'feature' of your browser auto-completing or suggesting something based on what you have searched before. Both tlc and ourselves use the generic term 'search' for the text entry box on our respective forms. I believe it to be your browser trying to be clever/helpful (and clearly failing).
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